Our Products


Please see our brief list of all dairy we currently hold in stock, dependent on season. If you require an additional product we will endeavour to source this for you from many of our suppliers locally and across the globe.

We have quite a few items in this section, so to make it easier to find products you can filter or search the table. Only rows with the search word in them are shown. You can also change the number of products to display, and sort the table columns.
Butter & SpreadsB20Anchor Butter40 x 250 g
Butter & SpreadsB02ABulk Butter25 kg
Butter & SpreadsB02Bulk Butter4 kg
Butter & SpreadsB03Butter40 x 250 g
Butter & SpreadsB11Butter6 x 100 x 7 g
Butter & SpreadsB13Butter - Rich2 kg
Butter & SpreadsB07CCake Margarine12.5 kg
Butter & SpreadsB08BClover12 x 1 kg
Butter & SpreadsB08Clover2 kg
Butter & SpreadsB19Clover40 x 250 g
Butter & SpreadsB15AFlora120 x 10 g
Butter & SpreadsB15Flora2 kg
Butter & SpreadsB09French Unsalted Butter600 x 10 g
Butter & SpreadsB05Garlic Butter1 kg
Butter & SpreadsB06Garlic Butter10 x 70 g
Butter & SpreadsB07BGoose Fat6 x 160 g
Butter & SpreadsB07ALard40 x 250 g
Butter & SpreadsB12BLescure Salted Butter Rolls20 x 250 g
Butter & SpreadsB12ALescure Unsalted Butter Rolls20 x 250 g
Butter & SpreadsB18Lurpack Butter6 x 100 x 10 g
Butter & SpreadsB03ALurpak Unsalted Butter20 x 250 g
Butter & SpreadsB17AMeadow Churn Butter Dishes4 x 100 x 100 g
Butter & SpreadsB01Moonraker Butter40 x 250 g
Butter & SpreadsB12President Unsalted Butter Rolls25 x 250 g
Butter & SpreadsB10St Ivel Butter5 x 100 x 7 g
Butter & SpreadsB01ASummer County Margarine2 kg
Butter & SpreadsB16Sunflower100 x 10 g
Butter & SpreadsB03BUnsalted Butter40 x 250 g
CheeseAO50Appledore1.25 kg
CheeseFB11Bowland1 kg
CheeseC25Cheddar Worcester Sauce1 kg
CheeseAO43Chocolate Royale
CheeseAO20Dave Williams Wensleydale Mango & Ginger1.1 kg
CheeseC24Hereford Hop1 kg
CheeseC26Hobson's Old Henry Ale & Wholegrain Mustard1 kg
CheeseAO47Lowerdale Goats Chive & Onion1 kg
CheeseMCA01Manchego Burner (Mature Cheddar Peppers & Garlic)1 kg
CheeseMCA02Manchego Fiery Dragon (Mature Cheddar Chilli & Peppers)1 kg
CheeseMCA11Manchego Four Counties1 kg
CheeseSP02Manchego Pure 9 Month Mature3 kg
CheeseMJ02Monterey Jack3 kg
CheeseAO51Pickledore1.25 kg
CheeseAM17Pineapple Dream2 x 1.1 kg
CheeseAO10Smoked Cheddar 1 kg1 kg
CheeseAO19Tewkesbury (Double Gloucester & Mustard Seed)
CheeseAO44Wensleydale Luxury Fruit & Irish Cream1 kg
CheeseAO45Wensleydale Mango & Pineapple1 kg
CheeseAM01White Stilton / Apricot1 kg
CheeseAO04Wholenut1 kg
Cheese - Blue StiltonUKB09BBaby Blue Stilton2.2 kg
Cheese - Blue StiltonUKB11Blue Stilton150 g
Cheese - Blue StiltonUKB08Blue Stilton4 kg
Cheese - Blue StiltonUKB09Blue Stilton - Quarter2 kg
Cheese - Blue StiltonUKB09ABlue Stilton - Ring2 kg
Cheese - Blue StiltonUKB07Blue Stilton - Whole8 kg
Cheese - Blue StiltonUKB09EBlue Stilton Fine Crumb5 kg
Cheese - Blue StiltonUKB10Clawson Baby Stilton2.2 kg
Cheese - Blue StiltonUKB13Cropwell Bishop Baby Stilton2.2 kg
Cheese - Blue StiltonUKB18Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton8 kg
Cheese - Blue StiltonUKB18ACropwell Bishop Blue Stilton - Half4 kg
Cheese - Blue StiltonUKB19Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton - Quarter2 kg
Cheese - Blue StiltonUKB11AHartington Stilton12 x 175 g
Cheese - Blue StiltonUKB02L / Clawson Blue Stilton - Half4 kg
Cheese - Blue StiltonUKB05L / Clawson Blue Stilton - Quarter2 kg
Cheese - Blue StiltonUKB15L / Clawson Blue Stilton - Whole8 g
Cheese - Blue StiltonUKB19AOrganic Cropwell Bishop Stilton2 kg
Cheese - CaerphillyWE04Caerphilly With Leeks1 kg
Cheese - CaerphillyCY03College Farm Caerphilly Block2.5 kg
Cheese - CaerphillyCY02College Farm Caerphilly Block5 kg
Cheese - CheshireCS15Appleby's Cheshire Unpasteurised2 kg
Cheese - CheshireCS17Blue Cheshire Half4 kg
Cheese - CheshireCS18Blue Cheshire Quarter2 kg
Cheese - CheshireCS07Cheshire Wheel4 kg
Cheese - CheshireCS03College Farm White Cheshire Block2.5 kg
Cheese - CheshireCS01College Farm White Cheshire Block20 kg
Cheese - CheshireCS02College Farm White Cheshire Block5 kg
Cheese - CheshireCS02ADewlay Cheshire Block5 kg
Cheese - CheshireCS08Tall Cheshire Half10 kg
Cheese - CheshireCS19Weston's Old Rosie Cider & Apple1 kg
Cheese - DanishDA02Danish Blue - Cubes15 x 18 g
Cheese - DanishDA01ADanish Blue - Half1.5 kg
Cheese - DanishDA03Danish Blue - Wedges10 x 100 g
Cheese - DanishDA01Danish Blue - Whole3.1 kg
Cheese - DanishDA05Esrom1.5 kg
Cheese - DanishDA04Feta500 g
Cheese - DanishDA06Havarti4 kg
Cheese - DanishDA07Mozzarella2.3 kg
Cheese - Double GloucesterDG03College Farm Double Gloucester Block2.5 kg
Cheese - Double GloucesterDG01College Farm Double Gloucester Block20 kg
Cheese - Double GloucesterDG02College Farm Double Gloucester Block5 kg
Cheese - Double GloucesterDG12Double Gloucester Wheel4 kg
Cheese - Double GloucesterDG07G / F Double Gloucester Truckle10 kg
Cheese - Double GloucesterL38Goosnargh Gold Quarter3 kg
Cheese - DutchDU01Edam - Ball2 kg
Cheese - DutchDU07Edam - Sliced1 kg
Cheese - DutchDU19Edam - Wedges230 g
Cheese - DutchDU04Gouda4 kg
Cheese - DutchDU08Gouda - Sliced6 x 1 kg
Cheese - DutchDU20Lowlander Goats4 kg
Cheese - DutchDU06Mature Gouda4 kg
Cheese - DutchDU11Old Holland3 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB23BBlacksticks Blue150 g
Cheese - English BlueUKB23Blacksticks Blue2.7 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB23CBlacksticks White2.7 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB24Blengdale Blue2 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB26Blue John2.5 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB20Blue Ribblesdale Goats2 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB04Blue Vinny4 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB17Buffalo Blue
Cheese - English BlueUKB23AButlers Blue2.7 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB16Dovedale Blue2.5 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB28Exmoor Blue1 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB03AGarstang Blue2 x 400 g
Cheese - English BlueUKB03Garstang Blue Lancashire1.7 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB21Leagrams Blue2.8 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB27Leagrams Blue Lancashire2.5 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB22Mrs Bells Blue1.5 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB16AOxford Blue1.5 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB12AReal Blue Wensleydale - Half2.5 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB12BReal Blue Wensleydale - Whole5 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB06AShropshire Blue - Half4 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB06BShropshire Blue - Quarter2 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB06Shropshire Blue - Whole8 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB12Smoked Blue Wensleydale2 kg
Cheese - English BlueFB22ASwaledale Blue2.3 kg
Cheese - English BlueUKB14Yorkshire Blue Cows Milk1.5 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseAO49Basilano425 - 850 g
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB38Burland Greeen1 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB13Capricorn Goats Cheese1 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB13ACapricorn Goats Cheese100 g
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB03Cornish Yarg Unpasteurised1.7 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB04Croglin1.25 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB04ACroglin - Smoked1.25 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB23ACumberland2 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB23Cumberland - Smoked2 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB18Curworthy
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB28Ewes Milk Swaledale2.5 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB17Fine Fettle Yorkshire Cheese850 g
Cheese - English FarmhouseMAT31Isle Of Avalon2 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB36Keens Farmhouse6 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB33Kidderton Ash1 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB47Lake District Extra Mature12 x 220 g
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB44Lake District Extra Mature14 x 200 g
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB45Lake District Extra Mature2.5 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB43Lake District Mature14 x 200 g
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB46Lake District Smoked Cheddar2.5 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseAO47ALowerdale Goats1 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB07AMature Ribblesdale Goats - Half2 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB07Original Ribblesdale Goats - Wheel2 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB40Ribblesdale Buffalo12 x 125 g
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB09ARibblesdale Buffalo - Organic2 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB41Ribblesdale Goats12 x 125 g
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB42Ribblesdale Sheeps10 x 150 g
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB09Ribblesdale Sheeps - Wheel2 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB37Rothbury Red
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB26ASage Derby - Half1 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB26Sage Derby - Wheel2 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB08Smoked Ribblesdale Goats2 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB06Somerset Brie2.5 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB10Somerset Camembert220 g
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB01Stinking Bishop1.8 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB07CSuperior Ribblesdale Goats2 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB32Swaledale Blue Random Wax Truckles
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB20Swaledale Cows2.5 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB22Swaledale Goats Cheese2.5 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB22BSwaledale Goats Cheese - Smoked2.5 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB21Swaledale Old Peculiar
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB21ASwaledale Richmond Smoked2 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB12Tornegus2 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseW05W.D.P. Oak Smoked Cheddar1.5 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB19Waterloo1 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB24Waterloo495 g
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB49Wescombe Cheddar3 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB02CWhite Stilton - Eighth1 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB02AWhite Stilton - Half4 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB02BWhite Stilton - Quarter2 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB02White Stilton - Whole8 kg
Cheese - English FarmhouseFB34Whitehaven1 kg
Cheese - French BlueBF06Fourme D'Ambert2 kg
Cheese - French BlueBF07Papillion Roquefort1.5 kg
Cheese - French BlueBF04Roquefort1.2 kg
Cheese - French BlueBF02Roquefort - Unpasteurised100 g
Cheese - French BlueBF03Roquefort Societe1.2 kg
Cheese - French BlueBF05St Agur2.2 kg
Cheese - French CuttingF19Beaufort3 kg
Cheese - French CuttingF01Brie - Smoked1 kg
Cheese - French CuttingF20ABrie Du Meaux3 kg
Cheese - French CuttingF20Brie Du Pays - Unpasteurised3 kg
Cheese - French CuttingOF02Chaumes2 kg
Cheese - French CuttingOF03Chevre Goats Log1 kg
Cheese - French CuttingF04Ma Cremiere Brie3.2 kg
Cheese - French CuttingF03AMa Cremiere Brie 60%3 kg
Cheese - French CuttingOF15AMini Rambol Walnut125 g
Cheese - French CuttingOF24Morbier8 kg
Cheese - French CuttingF02Petite Brie1 kg
Cheese - French CuttingF22Pont L'Eveque2 kg
Cheese - French CuttingOF11Port Salut2.2 kg
Cheese - French CuttingF03President Brie 60%3 kg
Cheese - French CuttingOF03BPresident Goats Log1 kg
Cheese - French CuttingF02APresident Petit Brie1 kg
Cheese - French CuttingF23Pyrenees Plain2.5 kg
Cheese - French CuttingOF08Roule (Garlic)800 g
Cheese - French CuttingF10Rustique Camembert
Cheese - French CuttingOF17St Albray2.2 kg
Cheese - French CuttingOF20Vignottes2 kg
Cheese - French CuttingOF15Walnut Incorporated2 kg
Cheese - French SmallF11Boursin - Garlic150 g
Cheese - French SmallF12Boursin - Garlic80 g
Cheese - French SmallF30Boursin - Pepper142 g
Cheese - French SmallF16ABrie200 g
Cheese - French SmallF07Camembert250 g
Cheese - French SmallF08Camembert - Whole250 g
Cheese - French SmallF14Crottin - Unpasteurised12 x 60 g
Cheese - French SmallOF07Laughing Cow142 g
Cheese - French SmallOF01Mini Baby Bel6 x 20 g
Cheese - French SmallF28Mini Rambol Walnut125 g
Cheese - French SmallOF10Port Salut8 x 185 g
Cheese - French SmallOF13Reblochon450 g
Cheese - GermanG07Cambozola2.2 kg
Cheese - GermanG14Mini Smoked Pick N Mix40 x 25 g
Cheese - GermanG08Smoked Cheese2 kg
Cheese - GermanG10Smoked Cheese454 g
Cheese - GermanG11Smoked Cheese Minis (Box)16 x 70 g
Cheese - GratedGP01BDewlay Mature White Grated1 kg
Cheese - GratedGP04Grated Cheddar - Coloured1 kg
Cheese - GratedGP02AGrated Cheddar - Coloured6 x 200 g
Cheese - GratedGP15Grated Cheddar - Coloured / White (50 / 50)2 kg
Cheese - GratedGP02Grated Cheddar - White6 x 200 g
Cheese - GratedGP05Grated Mature Cheddar - Coloured2 kg
Cheese - GratedGP08Grated Mozzarella1 kg
Cheese - GratedGP03Grated Organic Mature1 kg
Cheese - GratedGP01CMature White Grated2 kg
Cheese - GratedGP02BMature White Grated6 x 200 g
Cheese - GratedGP06Mozzarella / Cheddar (70 / 30)2 kg
Cheese - GratedGP01White Grated Cheddar1 kg
Cheese - GreekGR07Greek Feta - Block
Cheese - GreekGR04Greek Feta - Portions200 g
Cheese - GreekGR02Haloumi240 g
Cheese - GreekGR03Manouri4 x 1 kg
Cheese - Ilchester RangeAL01AApplewood - Half1.5 kg
Cheese - Ilchester RangeAL01Applewood - Whole3 kg
Cheese - Ilchester RangeAL05Five Counties2 kg
Cheese - Ilchester RangeAL05AFive Counties - Half1 kg
Cheese - Ilchester RangeAL18AMexicana - Half1.5 kg
Cheese - Ilchester RangeAL18Mexicana - Whole3 kg
Cheese - Irish FarmhouseIR02Cashel Blue2 kg
Cheese - Irish FarmhouseIR01Crozier Blue1.5 kg
Cheese - Irish FarmhouseC14Irish White Cheddar5 kg
Cheese - ItalianI01Bel Paese2.5 kg
Cheese - ItalianI27Bocconcino12 x 150 g
Cheese - ItalianI19BBuffalo Mozzarella200 g
Cheese - ItalianI19ABuffalo Mozzarella8 x 125 g
Cheese - ItalianI02Crema Bel Paese24 x 25 g
Cheese - ItalianI03Dolcelatte1.5 kg
Cheese - ItalianI20Filante2 kg
Cheese - ItalianI17Fontina1.5 kg
Cheese - ItalianI28Fresh Grated Grana Padano Parmesan1 kg
Cheese - ItalianI19Fresh Mozzarella125 g
Cheese - ItalianI18AGalbani Fresh Mozzarella125 g
Cheese - ItalianI11EGalbani Mascarpone2 x 5 kg
Cheese - ItalianI11CGalbani Ricotta1.5 kg
Cheese - ItalianI21Galbanino14 x 270 g
Cheese - ItalianI05Gorgonzola1.5 kg
Cheese - ItalianI06BGrana Padano1 kg
Cheese - ItalianI13AGrated Parmesan - Bag1 kg
Cheese - ItalianI09Grated Parmesan - Shakers12 x 42 g
Cheese - ItalianI13Grated Parmesan - Tub1 kg
Cheese - ItalianI15Mascarpone1.5 kg
Cheese - ItalianI08Mascarpone250 g
Cheese - ItalianI07Mascarpone500 g
Cheese - ItalianI26Mozzarella Pearls4 x 1 kg
Cheese - ItalianI14AParmesan Reggiano1 kg
Cheese - ItalianI14BParmesan Reggiano32 g
Cheese - ItalianI16APecorino Romano (Ewes Milk)2 kg
Cheese - ItalianI16Pecorino Sardo2 kg
Cheese - ItalianI16CPecorino Truffle1.5 kg
Cheese - ItalianI10Provolone2 kg
Cheese - ItalianI11Ricotta1.5 kg
Cheese - ItalianI11DRicotta10 kg
Cheese - ItalianI11BRicotta250 g
Cheese - ItalianI25St. Lucia Fresh Mozzarella1 kg
Cheese - ItalianI18Tallegio2 kg
Cheese - ItalianI06AVegetarian Italian Style Hard Cheese4 kg
Cheese - LancashireCS04Athersley Lancashire & Spring Onion1 kg
Cheese - LancashireL21Beacon Fell Lancashire3 kg
Cheese - LancashireL21BBeacon Fell Lancashire (Vac-Pack)
Cheese - LancashireL21ABeacon Fell Lancashire Wedges10 x 200 g
Cheese - LancashireL19Black Beauties454 g
Cheese - LancashireL35Chilli Monster1.5 kg
Cheese - LancashireL13College Farm Lancashire Block2.5 kg
Cheese - LancashireL01Dewlay Creamy Lancashire19 kg
Cheese - LancashireL18BDewlay Creamy Lancashire & Black Cat Ale1.6 kg
Cheese - LancashireL09Dewlay Creamy Lancashire Block5 kg
Cheese - LancashireL03Dewlay Creamy Lancashire Quarter5 kg
Cheese - LancashireL02Dewlay Creamy Lancashire Truckle9 kg
Cheese - LancashireL11Dewlay Creamy Lancashire Wheel4 kg
Cheese - LancashireL04Dewlay Crumbly Lancashire19kg
Cheese - LancashireL10Dewlay Crumbly Lancashire Block5 kg
Cheese - LancashireL06Dewlay Crumbly Lancashire Quarter5 kg
Cheese - LancashireL05Dewlay Crumbly Lancashire Wheel10 kg
Cheese - LancashireL12Dewlay Crumbly Lancashire Wheel4 kg
Cheese - LancashireAO13Dewlay Garlic Lancashire1 kg
Cheese - LancashireAO03Dewlay Smoked Lancashire1 kg
Cheese - LancashireL17Dewlay Special Reserve Tasty Lancashire2.5 kg
Cheese - LancashireL20ADewlay Tasty Lancashire Quarter5 kg
Cheese - LancashireL20BDewlay Tasty Lancashire Wheel10 kg
Cheese - LancashireL20Dewlay Tasty Lancashire Whole19 kg
Cheese - LancashireL39Farm Maid Tasty Lancashire Half4 kg
Cheese - LancashireL36G / F Sheeps Milk Lancashire1 kg
Cheese - LancashireL26Grandma Singletons3 kg
Cheese - LancashireL41Greenfields Crumbly Lancashire2 kg
Cheese - LancashireL14Lancashire Block5 kg
Cheese - LancashireAO07Lancashire With Chives1 kg
Cheese - LancashireL31Leagrams Organic Creamy Lancashire4 kg
Cheese - LancashireL08ALeagrams Organic Lancashire & Onion2 kg
Cheese - LancashireL31ALeagrams Organic Tasty Lancashire4 kg
Cheese - LancashireL32AMrs Kirkhams Tasty Lancashire10 kg
Cheese - LancashireAO03BPendle Forest Smoked Lancashire1.4 kg
Cheese - LancashireL40Rostock Red1.5 kg
Cheese - LancashireL2Sandhams Creamy Lancashire20 kg
Cheese - LancashireL2ASandhams Creamy Lancashire Quarter5 kg
Cheese - LancashireL22ASandhams Crumbly Lancashire Quarter5 kg
Cheese - LancashireL25Sandhams Crumbly Lancashire Wheel4 kg
Cheese - LancashireAO13BSandhams Garlic Original1 kg
Cheese - LancashireL07Sandhams Tasty Lancashire20 kg
Cheese - LancashireL08Sandhams Tasty Lancashire Quarter5 kg
Cheese - LancashireL19AShorrocks Black Bomb
Cheese - LancashireL16Singletons Crumbly Lancashire Wheel4 kg
Cheese - LancashireL33Tasty Toaster
Cheese - LancashireL37Trotters Hill Tasty Lancashire Quarter
Cheese - LeicesterRL03College Farm Leicester Block2.5 kg
Cheese - LeicesterRL01College Farm Leicester Block20 kg
Cheese - LeicesterRL02College Farm Leicester Block5 kg
Cheese - LeicesterRL12Dewlay Leicester Wheel4 kg
Cheese - LeicesterRL07G / F Traditional Red Leicester10 kg
Cheese - LeicesterRL05Traditional Aged Red Leicester3.6 kg
Cheese - Long Clawson RangeAO12Charnwood1.2 kg
Cheese - Long Clawson RangeAO21Cheddar Garlic & Parsley1 kg
Cheese - Long Clawson RangeAO23Cotswold1.2 kg
Cheese - Long Clawson RangeAO15Huntsman1.2 kg
Cheese - Long Clawson RangeAO25Innkeepers Choice1 kg
Cheese - Long Clawson RangeAO39Paneer227 g
Cheese - Long Clawson RangeAO53Red Leicester Red & Black Pepper Terrine1.5 kg
Cheese - Long Clawson RangeAO28Stilton With Blueberries1.4 kg
Cheese - Long Clawson RangeAO05Whirl With Garlic1.8 kg
Cheese - Long Clawson RangeAO05BWhirl With Onion / Chives1.8 kg
Cheese - Long Clawson RangeAO26White Stilton / Lemon Peel1 kg
Cheese - Long Clawson RangeAM02White Stilton & Cranberries1 kg
Cheese - Long Clawson RangeAO02White Stilton Mango & Ginger1 kg
Cheese - Long Clawson RangeAO52White Stilton Pear & Apple1 kg
Cheese - Long Clawson RangeAO14Windsor Red1.2 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT25Abbots Choice Mature Red Cheddar20 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT25AAbbots Choice Mature Red Cheddar5 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT24Abbots Choice Mature White Cheddar20 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT24AAbbots Choice Mature White Cheddar5 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarC17Canadian Cheddar Block2.5 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT19ACathedral City Mature2.5 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT19Cathedral City Mature5 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT18College Farm Mature Cheddar Block2.5 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT17College Farm Mature Cheddar Cheddar Block5 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT23College Farm Red Mature Cheddar Block2.5 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT22College Farm Red Mature Cheddar Block5 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT16College Farm White Mature Cheddar Block20 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT03Colliers Extra Mature Cheddar2.5 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT30Lye Cross Extra Mature2.5 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT29Lye Cross Extra Mature5 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT28Lye Cross Mature2.5 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT27Lye Cross Mature5 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT32Mature Cheddar Tomato & Garlic1 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT01Montgomery Cheddar3 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT02CQuickes Extra Mature Cheddar Wedges150 g
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT02DQuickes Extra Mature Cheddar Wedges250 g
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT02Quickes Mature Cheddar Quarter7 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT02AQuickes Mature Cheddar Wedges150 g
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT02BQuickes Mature Cheddar Wedges250 g
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT11AScottish Mull Of Kintyre Mature2.5 kg
Cheese - Mature CheddarMAT20Singletons Black Waxed Cheddar
Cheese - Mild CheddarC32Black Waxed Cheddar Quarter2.5 kg
Cheese - Mild CheddarC32ABlack Waxed Cheddar Whole10 kg
Cheese - Mild CheddarC06College Farm Red Cheddar Block2.5 kg
Cheese - Mild CheddarC04College Farm Red Cheddar Block20 kg
Cheese - Mild CheddarC05College Farm Red Cheddar Block5 kg
Cheese - Mild CheddarC33College Farm Vegetarian Cheddar5 kg
Cheese - Mild CheddarC03College Farm White Cheddar Block2.5 kg
Cheese - Mild CheddarC01College Farm White Cheddar Block20 kg
Cheese - Mild CheddarC02College Farm White Cheddar Block5 kg
Cheese - Mild CheddarC20ADewlay Red Cheddar Block5 kg
Cheese - Mild CheddarC20Dewlay White Cheddar Block5 kg
Cheese - NorwegianN01Gjetost1 kg
Cheese - NorwegianN02Gjetost250 g
Cheese - NorwegianN04Jarlsberg - Quarter2.5 kg
Cheese - NorwegianN03Jarlsberg - Whole10 kg
Cheese - ProcessedP01Burger Slices1.4 kg
Cheese - Reduced FatRF03Clawson Low Fat Cheddar1 kg
Cheese - Reduced FatL18Dewlay Light1.6 kg
Cheese - Reduced FatL18ADewlay Light With Herbs & Garlic1 kg
Cheese - Reduced FatRF05Low Sodium Cheddar5 kg
Cheese - Reduced FatRF02Reduced Fat Cheddar2.5 kg
Cheese - Reduced FatRF01Reduced Fat Cheddar5 kg
Cheese - Scottish FarmhouseSC02Caboc110 g
Cheese - Scottish FarmhouseSC06Dunsyre Blue Unpasteurised1.2 kg
Cheese - Scottish FarmhouseC11AIsle Of Bute2.5 kg
Cheese - Scottish FarmhouseMAT14Isle Of Mull Cheddar7 kg
Cheese - Scottish FarmhouseSC04Lanark Blue700 g
Cheese - Scottish FarmhouseSC03Mull Of Kintyre520 g
Cheese - SoftCC14Compsey Light Sour Cream2 kg
Cheese - SoftCC01Cottage Cheese2 kg
Cheese - SoftCC08BCreme Fraiche1 kg
Cheese - SoftCC08Creme Fraiche2 kg
Cheese - SoftCC02EDan Dairies Full Fat Soft11 kg
Cheese - SoftCC02Full Fat Soft2 kg
Cheese - SoftCC07FLittletown Creme Fraiche2 kg
Cheese - SoftCC11Littletown Fromage Frais1 kg
Cheese - SoftCC11ALittletown Fromage Frais2 kg
Cheese - SoftCC16Littletown Fromage Frais6 x 200 g
Cheese - SoftCC07GLittletown Low Fat Creme Fraiche2 kg
Cheese - SoftCC14CLittletown Sour Cream2 kg
Cheese - SoftCC07APhiladelphia1.6 kg
Cheese - SoftCC07BPhiladelphia Light1.6 kg
Cheese - SoftCC07DPhiladelphia Light8 x 24 x 16.7 kg
Cheese - SoftCC03Reduced Fat Soft2 kg
Cheese - SoftCC14ESour Cream1 kg
Cheese - SoftCC15Sour Cream & Chive Dip6 x 200 g
Cheese - SwissS02Lustenberger Emmental4 kg
Cheese - SwissS03Lustenberger Gruyere2.35 kg
Cheese - SwissS06Lustenberger Raclette6 kg
Cheese - SwissS06BLustenberger Raclette - Half
Cheese - SwissS10Lustenberger Sbrinz3 kg
Cheese - SwissS02APresident Emmental - Slices6 x 200 g
Cheese - SwissS04Tete De Moine Wheel900 g
Cheese - Welsh FarmhouseWE06Harlech1.5 kg
Cheese - Welsh FarmhouseWE02Saint Illtyd2.5 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW01Abbots Gold Cheddar & Caramelised Onion1 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW03College Farm Wensleydale Block2.5 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW02College Farm Wensleydale Block5 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW21Dalesman Wensleydale900 g
Cheese - WensleydaleW23Fountains Gold1 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW32Grommit Head Waxed16 x 100 g
Cheese - WensleydaleW15Haweds Wensleydale And Apricot1 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW14Hawes Wensleydale And Ginger1 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW33Hutch Shape Waxed16 x 100 g
Cheese - WensleydaleW08AMature Wensleydale Tall / Cloth5 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW08BMature Wensleydale Tall / Green Wax2.5 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW12JSmoked Wensleydale12 x 200 g
Cheese - WensleydaleW10Smoked Wensleydale2 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW22Special Reserve Wensleydale1 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW08Traditional Tall Wensleydale4.5 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW12BWallace & Grommit12 x 200 g
Cheese - WensleydaleW35Wallace & Grommit6 x 500 g
Cheese - WensleydaleW31Wallace Head Waxed16 x 100 g
Cheese - WensleydaleW02AWdp Wensleydale Block5 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW06Wensleydale Ewes Milk1.75 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW06AWensleydale Ewes Milk12 x 200 g
Cheese - WensleydaleW12AWensleydale Kit Calvert12 x 200 g
Cheese - WensleydaleW09Wensleydale Kit Calvert500 g
Cheese - WensleydaleW07Wensleydale Wheel4 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW07AWensleydale Wheel Half2 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW12EWensleydale With Apricot12 x 200 g
Cheese - WensleydaleW17Wensleydale With Blueberries1 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW12FWensleydale With Chive & Onion12 x 200 g
Cheese - WensleydaleW16Wensleydale With Cranberry1 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW12GWensleydale With Cranberry12 x 200 g
Cheese - WensleydaleW36Wensleydale With Cranberry & Raspberry1 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW12CWensleydale With Ginger12 x 200 g
Cheese - WensleydaleW19AWensleydale With Mango & Papaya1 kg
Cheese - WensleydaleW11Wensleydale With Onion & Chives1 kg
PateCM53AArdennes1.5 kg
PateCM57AArdennes Micro12 x 175 g
PateCM50ABrussels1.5 kg
PateCM57BBrussels Micro12 x 175 g
PateCM56AChicken1 kg
PateCM56BChicken1 kg
PateCM52ADuck & Orange1.5 kg
PateCM57EDuck Micro12 x 175 g
PateCM55AGame1.5 kg
PateCM57CGarlic Micro12 x 175 g
PateCM57DMushroom Micro12 x 175 g
PateCM59AProvencale1.5 kg
PateCM51ASmooth Garlic1.5 kg
PateCM57FVegetarian860 g
YoghurtY06Fruit Yoghurt1 gallon
YoghurtY17Fruit Yoghurt1/2 gallon
YoghurtY05BFull Fat Natural Yoghurt2.2 l
YoghurtY31Golden Acre Virtually Fat Free Yoghurt20 x 150 g
YoghurtY07DGreek Full Fat Style Yoghurt5 kg
YoghurtY09AGreek Yoghurt1 kg
YoghurtY09Greek Yoghurt200 g
YoghurtY10ALittletown Greek Style Yoghurt1 kg
YoghurtY10Littletown Greek Yoghurt2.5 kg
YoghurtY19Low Fat Bio115 g x 12
YoghurtY01Low Fat Natural Yoghurt450 g
YoghurtY02AMixed Flavour Yoghurts12 x 125 g
YoghurtY16Natural Yoghurt1/2 gallon
YoghurtY02Natural Yoghurt12 x 125 g
YoghurtY05Natural Yoghurt5 l
YoghurtY02DSmall Mixed Flavoured Yoghurt12 x 85 g
YoghurtY28Smoothie Probiotic10 x 265 g
YoghurtY02BSugar Free Diabetic Yoghurt12 x 125 g
YoghurtY04AThick & Creamy Yoghurt12 x 150 g
YoghurtY12Whole Milk Yoghurt10 l
YoghurtY04Whole Milk Yoghurt (Assorted)12 x 125 g
YoghurtY01DYoghurt & Mint Raita6 x 200 g

Dry Goods

Please see our brief list of all dry goods we currently hold in stock, dependent on season. If you require an additional product we will endeavour to source this for you from many of our suppliers locally and across the globe.

We have quite a few items in this section, so to make it easier to find products you can filter or search the table. Only rows with the search word in them are shown. You can also change the number of products to display, and sort the table columns.
BakingFL20Atora Suet2 kg
BakingFL21Atora Vegetable Suet200 g
BakingFL16Baking Powder1 kg
BakingFL18Bicarbonate Of Soda1 kg
BakingSU08CChocolate Vermicelli (Waverley)1 kg
BakingFL31CCrumble Mix (Chef's Larder)3.5 kg
BakingCA25Dark Cherry Filling1.8 kg
BakingFL32Sponge Mix (McDougalls)3.5 kg
BakingFL31Suet Pastry + Dumpling Mix3.5 kg
BakingSU08Sugar Strands Assorted (Waverley)1 kg
BakingFL92PTapioca Pearls (Large)400 g
BakingFL92Tapiocia Starch400 g
BatterFL33Fish Batter Mix3.5 kg
BatterFL34Golden Batter Mix (Allied)16 kg
BatterPAN02Pancake Mix4.53 kg
BatterPAN01Sweet American Pancakes 4.5 inch120
BatterFL17Tempura Batter1 kg
BatterPS11Yorkshire Puddings 3 inch (Promotion)3 x 20
BechamelMIL9EBechamel Sauce Mix (Essential Cuisine) (Makes 12 Litres)1.5 kg
BeerBE03Boddingtons24 x 440 ml
BeerBE20Dry Cider (Branstormer)6 x 2 l
BeerBE22Ginger Jamaican Beer24 x 330 ml
BeerBE11Guinness6 x 440 ml
BeerBE02Moretti Birra24 x 330 ml
BeerBE01Peroni (Nastro Azzurro) 5.1%24 x 330 ml
BeerBE30Skoll24 x 500 ml
BeerBE10Stones Bitter 4%24 x 440 ml
BiscuitsBI01CAmaretti Biscuits (Vicenzi)12 x 200 g
BiscuitsBI01SAmaretti Biscuits (Vicenzi)200 g
BiscuitsBI07CBastoncini Cantuccini (R&G)12 x 200 g
BiscuitsBI07SBastoncini Cantuccini (R&G)200 g
BiscuitsBI24Bourbon Creams (Happy Shopper)12 x 400 g
BiscuitsBI20Digestives Plain (McVitie's)400 g
BiscuitsBI21Digestives Plain (McVitie's)12 x 400 g
BiscuitsBI50Fudges Savoury Bicuits Assortment21 x 75 g
BiscuitsBI29Ginger Biscuits (McVitie's)250 g
BiscuitsBI25Hob Nobs300 g
BiscuitsBI12Jacobs Cheese Biscuits900 g
BiscuitsBI31Jaffa Cake (McVitie's)12 x 150 g
BiscuitsBI27Jammie Dodgers18 x 140 g
BiscuitsBI26Lotus Biscoff300 x 6 g
BiscuitsBI12DOat Cakes28
BiscuitsBI23Rich Tea Biscuits (McVitie's)20 x 300 g
BiscuitsBI05CSavoiardi Lady Fingers9 x 400 g
BiscuitsBI05SSavoiardi Lady Fingers400 g
BiscuitsBI42Shortbread Cafe Bisciuts (Lichfield)24
BiscuitsBI12AWater Biscuits (Carrs)12 x 125 g
BiscuitsBI12BWater Biscuits (Carrs)125 g
BisqueBOBO60Lobster Saucemix (Essencial Cuisine)800 g
BreadPANE01Pane Carasau (Full Circle)500 g
BreadBR09ASesame Sliced French Glazed Buns (Millers)48 x 10.5 cm
Bread - BagelsBR22(Solita) Unsliced Brioche Burger Buns60
Bread - BagelsBR10BBaguettes Demi30
Bread - BagelsBR27Brioche Loaf (Les Brioches)500 g
Bread - BagelsVEGAN 55Brioche Style Burger Bun (Vegan)60
Bread - BagelsBR04JJapanese Breadcrumbs10 kg
Bread - BagelsBR02Large Bagels12 x 80 g
Bread - BagelsCARL01Rosemary Foccacia Roll40 x 400 g
Bread - BreadcrumbsBR04Breadcrumbs2.75 kg
Bread - BreadcrumbsBR04KJapanese Breadcrumbs1 kg
Bread - BreadsticksBR15Picos Camperos - Spanish Breadsticks1.5 kg
Bread - BriocheBR25LBrioche Buns45 x 72 g
Bread - Burger BunsBR04HBlack Buns (Vegan)30
Bread - Burger BunsBR27AFrozen Sliced Brioche Loaf5 x 430 g
Bread - Burger BunsBR28Mini Classic Burger Bun 3 in30 x 30 g
Bread - Burger BunsBR32Pretzel Burger Buns (Frozen) (Vegan)42
Bread - Burger BunsBR25Real Brioche Sliced Burger Buns60
Bread - Burger BunsBR25PRed Burger Buns30
Bread - Burger BunsBR75Seeded Burger Buns 4.5 in48
Bread - Burger BunsBR21Sesame Burger Buns 5 in6 x 8
Bread - Burger BunsBR01ASlipper Ciabatta24
Bread - ChapatiBR08DChapati Bread20 x 5
Bread - CiabattaBR01Rustic Ciabatta200 g
Bread - CroutonsBR09CCroutons (Toasted Brioche) Original500 g
Bread - CrumpetsBR26Brioche Hot Dog Finger Rolls 7.5 in25
Bread - CrumpetsBR05CCrumpets6 x 55 g
Bread - CrumpetsBR08CExtra Large Khoubz Bread20 x 5
Bread - FoccaciaBR03Focaccia Fresh Rosemary & Garlic (Frozen) (Vegan)600 g
Bread - FoccaciaBR03AFocaccia Slabs (Rosemary& Garlic) (Vegan)8 x 600 g
Bread - FoccaciaBR29Glazed Onion Buns15 x 2
Bread - FoccaciaCARL02Olive & Oregano Foccacia Roll40 x 100 g
Bread - KhoubzBR08Khoubz Flatbread5
Bread - LavishBR08ELavash Bread3
Bread - LoavesBR41Couronne8 x 400 g
Bread - LoavesBR42Mini White Tin Loaf (Vegan)48 x 55 g
Bread - LoavesBR99White Split Tin Loaf800 g
Bread - LoavesBR100Wholemeal Tin Loaf800 g
Bread - NaanBR08AFresh Naan Bread5
Bread - NaanBR06BNaan Bread (Plain)2
Bread - NaanBR06Tasty Bakery Large Naan3
Bread - PittaBR07CPitta Bread25 x 5
Bread - PittaBR07SPitta Bread5
Bread - Rolls / BarmsBR05Muffins White (Frozen)12
Bread - Rolls / BarmsCARL02BRolls Choice Bread Rolls5 x 20
Bread - Rolls / BarmsBR05ASavoury Breakfast Muffins24
Bread - Rolls / BarmsBR50Warburtons Oven Bottom Muffins4
Bread - SourdoughBR10Mini Sourdough Baguettes 7 in25
Bread - Steamed BunsHIR02Vegan Hirata Buns (Vegan)60 x 50 g
Bread - Wraps / TortillaBEE01Beetroot Wraps2 x 20 x 90 g
Bread - Wraps / TortillaBR19Blanco Nino Fry 6" Blue Corn Tortilla (Frozen) (Vegan)144
Bread - Wraps / TortillaBR16Blanco Nino Fry 6" Corn Tortilla (Frozen) (Vegan)144
Bread - Wraps / TortillaBR20BBlanco Nino Soft 10" Corn Tortilla (Frozen) (Vegan)60
Bread - Wraps / TortillaBR18Blanco Nino Soft 4" Corn Tortilla (Frozen) (Vegan)216
Bread - Wraps / TortillaBR20Blanco Nino Soft 6" Blue Corn Tortilla (Frozen) (Vegan)144
Bread - Wraps / TortillaBR17Blanco Nino Soft 6" Corn Tortilla (Vegan)144
Bread - Wraps / TortillaBR15AFlour Special Tortilla Wraps 6 in (Frozen) (Vegan)10 x 420 g
Bread - Wraps / TortillaBR18EFlour Tortilla 4 in24 x 12
Bread - Wraps / TortillaBR80Piadina Olive Oil Wraps15 x 3 x 120 g
Bread - Wraps / TortillaBR14Santa Maria Flour Tortilla Wraps 10 in (Vegan)5 x 580 g
Bread - Wraps / TortillaBR30Santa Maria Tortilla Wraps 12 in (Vegan)10 x 900 g
BuffetSA07Chicken Samosa Cooked15 x 115 g
BuffetSA08Lamb Samosa Cooked15 x 115 g
BuffetSA30Mozzarella Grissini Sticks 4 in1 kg
BuffetSA03Vegetable Samosas Mini50 x 30 g
BuffetSA04Vegetable Spring Roll Mini50 x 30 g
BurrattaCHE08Blister Pack2 x 125 g
BurrattaCHE08BFrozen Burratta125 g
Cake / DesertCA19B/House Pain Chocolat48 x 90 g
Cake / DesertCA85Baked Cannoli Siciliani Shells250 g
Cake / DesertCA75Cannoli Gianduja56
Cake / DesertCA17Cannoli Siciliani Choc (Frozen)12
Cake / DesertCA18Cerasani Assorted Italian Pastry500 g
Cake / DesertCA08Cheesecake (Nectar) 14 Pieces1
Cake / DesertCA01Chocolate Fudge Cake (Nectar) 14 Pieces1
Cake / DesertSPA98AChurros Sticks (Comida Latina)2 kg
Cake / DesertCA21Croissants48 x 90 g
Cake / DesertCA01GGluten Free Chocolate Fudge Cake (DDF) 14 Pieces1
Cake / DesertSPA98LLooped Churros1 kg
Cake / DesertFP60Mini Doughnuts Filled With Nutella
Cake / DesertCA30Original Cheesecake1.81 kg
Cake / DesertCA22Pain Au Chocolate48 x 90 g
Cake / DesertCA10Paklava (Nectar) 36 Pieces1
Cake / DesertCA16Pinolata / Torta De La Nonna (12 Portions)1
Cake / DesertWAF01Plain Belgian Waffles60 x 55 g
Cake / DesertCA23Profiteroles With Fresh Cream & Chocolate Sauce72
Cake / DesertCA20Royal Danish Selection36 x 96 g
Cake / DesertCA15Sweet Street Bourbon Street Pecan Pie (14 Portions)1
Cake / DesertCA40Sweet Street Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack8
Cake / DesertCA41Sweet Street Fourless Chocolate Torte (16 Portions)1
Cake / DesertCA02Sweet Street Lemon Manifesto Bar Cake (18 Portions)1.79 kg
Cake / DesertCA37Sweet Street Molten Chocolate Cake9
Cake / DesertCA36Sweet Street Rockslide Brownie16
Cake / DesertCA06Wrights Mini Crm Assorted Cakes1 x 40
CerealCE17Alpen - Swiss Recipe40 x 35 g
CerealCE03Alpen Muesli (No Added Sugar)1.1 kg
CerealHE98AFreekeh1 kg
CerealCE12Jordans Super Berry Granola1.5 kg
CerealCE04Kelloggs Bran Flakes4 x 500 g
CerealCE15Kelloggs Coco Pops40 x 35 g
CerealCE07Kelloggs Coco Pops Cereal Bar24
CerealCE09Kelloggs Corn Flakes4 x 500 g
CerealCE13Kelloggs Corn Flakes40 x 24 g
CerealCE01AKelloggs Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes4 x 500 g
CerealCE16Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes40 x 35 g
CerealCE01Kelloggs Frosties8 x 500 g
CerealCE08Kelloggs Frosties Cereal Bar24
CerealCE06Kelloggs Fruit 'N' Fibre Cereal Bar24
CerealCE08AKelloggs Mixed Portions35
CerealCE02Kelloggs Rice Krispies4 x 400 g
CerealCE14Kelloggs Rice Krispies40 x 24 g
CerealCE05Kelloggs Special K Cereal Bars24 x 23 g
CerealCE11Kelloggs Variety Pack5 x 7
CerealHE88Porridge Oats - Jumbo
CerealHE89Scotts Porridge Oats3 kg
Charcoal / LogsOT09Briquette Rest Charcoal10 kg
Charcoal / LogsOT09AForno Pizza Logs15 kg
Charcoal / LogsOT09BKiln Dried Hardwood10 kg
Charcoal / LogsOT08DPremium Restaurant Charcoal15 kg
CheeseCHE83Blacksticks Blue1 kg
CheeseCHE37Cheddar Mature - Block5 kg
CheeseCHE37Cheddar Mature - Block1 kg
CheeseCHE40Cheddar Mature - Grated2 kg
CheeseCHE40ACheddar Mature - Grated6 x 2 kg
CheeseCHE38Cheddar Mild - Block5 kg
CheeseCHE38Cheddar Mild - Block1 kg
CheeseCHE39SCheddar Mild - Grated2 kg
CheeseCHE39CCheddar Mild - Grated6 x 2 kg
CheeseCHE43Cheshire Cheese - Block1 kg
CheeseCHE30Compsey Creme Fraiche (40% Fat) - Tub2 kg
CheeseCHE44BDouble Gloucester1 kg
CheeseCHE66Garstang Blue1 kg
CheeseCHE44Lancashire - Block1 kg
CheeseCHE34Luxury Soft Cream Cheese - Tub2 kg
CheeseCHE84Mexican - Half Block1.5 kg
CheeseCHE05ATMonteray Jack - Grated6 x 2 kg
CheeseCHE44AMrs Kirkham's Lancashire1 kg
CheeseCHE62Philadelphia - Tub1.65 kg
CheeseCHE41BRed Cheddar - Grated2 kg
CheeseCHE45Red Leicester - Block1 kg
CheeseCHE46Shropshire Blue1 kg
CheeseCHE36BSmoked Applewood - Half Block1.5 kg
CheeseCHE41Stilton Mature - Wedge1 kg
CheeseCHE42Wensleydale1 kg
CheeseCHE42CWensleydale With Cranberries1.25 kg
Cheese SlicesCHE71Chilli Cheese - Sliced1 kg (33 x 30 g)
Cheese SlicesCHE77Emmental - Sliced1 kg
Cheese SlicesCHE78KKerrymaid Original - Perfect Melt Slices112 (1.4 kg)
Cheese SlicesCHE76AMature Cheddar - Sliced50 x 20 g
Cheese SlicesCHE72Monterry Jack - Sliced1 kg (50 x 20 g)
Cheese SlicesCHE78Real Cheese Burger Slices1.4 kg
Chillies / Chilli PowderHE76Ancho Chilli Powder1 kg
Chillies / Chilli PowderVEA20Attina Sliced Chillies In Sunflower Oil440 g
Chillies / Chilli PowderBULK23Chilli Flakes25 kg
Chillies / Chilli PowderHE26Chillies Red Birdseye300 g
Chillies / Chilli PowderHE26ACrushed Chilli Flakes1 kg
Chillies / Chilli PowderOR09TFarmers Red Chilli Powder500 g
Chillies / Chilli PowderHE75Naga Chilli Powder1 kg
Chillies / Chilli PowderVE02VSliced Jalapenos3 kg
Chillies / Chilli PowderHEM02Whole Ancho Dried1 kg
Chillies / Chilli PowderVE02XWhole Chilli Green Peppers1 kg
Chillies / Chilli PowderHE25BWhole Chipotle200 g
Chillies / Chilli PowderHE77Whole Dried Ancho Chillies1 kg
Chillies / Chilli PowderVE02WWhole Green Chilli Peppers15 kg
Chillies / Chilli PowderHE78Whole Guajillo Chilles Dried1 kg
Chillies / Chilli PowderHE79Whole Pasilla Chilli1 kg
Chips / PotatoVE26Aviko Hash Browns2.5 kg
Chips / PotatoVE26BAviko Hash Browns Nuggets2.5 kg
Chips / PotatoCH01PAviko Pomme Frites - Shoestring 7 mm4 x 2.27 kg
Chips / PotatoCH01LAviko Supercrunch Skin On 9.5 in6 x 2.5 kg
Chips / PotatoCH06Chunky Chips6 x 2.7 kg
Chips / PotatoCH01ACrispy Cubes With Herbs4 x 2.5 kg
Chips / PotatoCH23Criss Cross Cut Fries4 x 2.5 kg
Chips / PotatoPOT01Lamb Western Potato Puffs10 x 1 kg
Chips / PotatoCH40Lamb Weston 6 X 64 x 2.5 kg
Chips / PotatoCH01BLamb Weston Connoiseur Chunky Fries 16 X 184 x 2.5 kg
Chips / PotatoCH20Lamb Weston Stealth Chips Skin On 9 X 9
Chips / PotatoCH01Lamb Weston Ziggy Fries4 x 2.5 kg
Chips / PotatoCH04Lutosa Hash Brown Potato Nuggets
Chips / PotatoCH05McCain Home Fries6 x 2.25 kg
Chips / PotatoVE50Potato Skins Small Shells35
Chips / PotatoCH05APotato Wedges4 x 2.5 kg
Chips / PotatoCH50Seasoned Potato Wedges2.5 kg
Chips / PotatoCH02Special Lutosa Shoesting Chips4 x 2.5 kg
Chips / PotatoCH31Sweet Potato Fries10 x 1 kg
Chips / PotatoCH35Sweet Potato Mash 2 X 50 Disc2 x 1.9 kg
Chips / PotatoCURL01Twisters Curly Fries4 x 2.5 kg
ChocolateCHO09BCadbury's Drinking Chocolate1 kg
ChocolateCHO70Dark Chocolate Crisp Pearls800 g
ChocolateCHO12KKirkland Hazelnut Spread1 kg
ChocolateCHO12Nutella1 kg
ChocolateCHO72Salted Caramel Pearls800 g
ChocolateCHO73Spanish Chocolate Powder500 g
Chocolate - BelocoladeCHO50Belcolade Dark 55%5 kg
Chocolate - BelocoladeCHO52Belcolade Milk 34%5 kg
Chocolate - BelocoladeCHO51Belcolade White5 kg
Chocolate - CallebautCHO03BBitter Chocolate 70%10 kg
Chocolate - CallebautCHO01FBitter Chocolate Pistoles 70%2.5 kg
Chocolate - CallebautCHO06Block Plain Chocolate5 kg
Chocolate - CallebautCHO60ACaramel Pistoles2.5 kg
Chocolate - CallebautCHO04Cocoa Powder1 kg
Chocolate - CallebautCHO01CDark Chocolate Pistoles 54.5%2.5 kg
Chocolate - CallebautCHO13Milk Chocolate Mousse800 g
Chocolate - CallebautCHO02Milk Chocolate Pistoles 33.5%2.5 kg
Chocolate - CallebautCHO61Orange Pistoles 2.5 Kg2.5 kg
Chocolate - CallebautCHO01URetail 54.5% Chocolate Pistoles
Chocolate - CallebautCHO01TRetail Extra Bitter 70% Pistoles
Chocolate - CallebautCHO01VRetail Milk Pistoles 33.6%400 g
Chocolate - CallebautCHO01SWhite Chocolate Pistoles 27%2.5 kg
ChristmasX02Christmas Pudding Log1.25 kg
ChristmasX01Individual Christmas Puddings24 x 100 g
ChristmasX03Mince Pies18
ChristmasX06Mincemeat3 kg
ChristmasX04Mini Mince Pies (Frozen)60 x 30 g
ChristmasX09Panettone (Cllophane)750 g
ChristmasX13Sauce Brandy Sauce1 l
ChristmasYULE01Yule Log2
ChutneyCHU02C(Chef's Larder) Caramelised Red Onion Chutney1.1 l
ChutneyCHU03Classic Tomato Chutney2.5 kg
ChutneyOR17ABCooks And Co. Premium Mango Chutney2.7 kg
ChutneyCHU07English Provender Caramelised Onion Chutney325 g
ChutneyCHU08English Provender Sweet Tomato And Chilli Chutney325 g
ChutneyOR17Mango Chutney2.6 kg
ChutneyCHU01Spiced Pear Chutney2.5 kg
CleaningZX02Andrex Toilet Paper White6 x 4 rolls
CleaningOT70Bin Bags (Black)200 x 140 g
CleaningZX09Bleach5 l
CleaningZX16Blue Centre Feed Roll6
CleaningZX20CClean Pro & Automatic Dishwasher Detergent (H14)5 l
CleaningZX19CClean Pro &Professional Rinse Aid (H15)5 l
CleaningOT71Compactor Bags100
CleaningZX13BCopper Scourers20
CleaningZX01WDaz Washing Powder (130 Washes)
CleaningZX06Deepio Proffesional Degreaser Spray750 ml
CleaningZX15EEGL Oven Cloths5
CleaningZX01AFairy Washing Up Liquid5 l
CleaningZX20Finish Dishwasher Detergent5 l
CleaningZX05Jeys C3 Heavy Duty De-Greaser5 l
CleaningZX03Lemon Gel Floor Cleaner5 l
CleaningOT95Marigold Rubber Gloves (Pair)1
CleaningZX04Selden Multi Purpose Cleaner5 l
CleaningZX16ASpecial FCFB Centre Pull Towels5 l
CleaningZX13SSponge Scouers (Pro)10
CleaningZX15Tea Towels (Clean Pro) - 44 xm x 66 cm10
CleaningZX14Tuf Blu J Cloths Packet50
CleaningZX13Vileda Green Scourers10
CleaningZX04AWB Detergent 20% Active5 l
Coconut MilkOR24CCoconut Cream200 g
Coconut MilkOR24FLCoconut Milk6 x 3 kg
Coconut MilkOR24FCoconut Milk2.9 kg
Coconut MilkOR24ACoconut Milk (Chaokoh)24 x 400 ml
Coconut MilkOR24BCoconut Milk (Chaokoh)40 ml
CoffeeCOF07Gold Blend Nescafé Coffee750 g
CoffeeCOF08Kenco Raport Coffee750 g
CoffeeCOF02Lavazza Crema Gusto Forti Coffee Beans1 kg
CoffeeCOF20Monin Flavoured Coffee Syrup70 cl
CoffeeCOF10Nescafe Original1 kg
CoffeeCOF09Prima Blend1 kg
CoffeeCOF50Small Nescafe Original Instant Coffee50 g
ContainersCON20Clear Plastic Food Container250 x 500 ml
ContainersCON21Clear Plastic Food Container250 x 650 ml
ContainersOT30Large Plastic Tubs With Lids4 l
ContainersOT31Small Plastic Tubs With Lids2 l
Cous Cous / GrainFL05Bulgur Wheat1 kg
Cous Cous / GrainCO05Cornmeal1.5 kg
Cous Cous / GrainCO01Couscous12 x 500 g
Cous Cous / GrainCO02Couscous500 g
Cous Cous / GrainCO06Israeli Couscous1 kg
Cous Cous / GrainPU11BSpelt-Umbrian Semi Pearled Farro1 kg
CurryOR01Curry Madras Powder700 g
CurryCU02Individual Portion Of Chicken Lamb Kadi (Frozen)300 g
CurryCU01Individual Portion Of Chicken Tikka Massala (Frozen)300 g
CurryORK03Knorr Balti Paste1 kg
CurryORK05Knorr Korma
CurryORK01AKnorr Madras Paste1 kg
CurryORK02AKnorr Rogan Josh Paste1 kg
CurryORK02Knorr Tandoori Paste1 kg
CurryORK01Knorr Tikka Paste1 kg
CurryOR03Mae Ploy Green Thai Curry Paste400 g
CurryOR03AMae Ploy Mussamun Curry Paste1 kg
CurryOR03PMae Ploy Panang Curry Paste1 kg
CurryOR04Mae Ploy Red Thai Curry Paste1 kg
CurryOR04AMaesri Red Thai Curry Paste400 g
CurryOR05AMai Siam Massaman Curry Paste (Vegetarian)1 kg
CurryOR05Mai Siam Thai Green Curry Paste (Vegetarian)1 kg
CurryOR050Mai Siam Thai Red Curry Paste1 kg
CurryOR05CMaysan Curry Sauce Paste (Bar Lounge)448 g
CurryOR01AMild Curry Powder700 g
CurryOR01CYakuka Japanese Style Curry1 kg
CustardMIL5BBirds Custard Powder3 kg
CustardMIL5AChef's Larder Devon Custard1 l
CustardMIL9FEssential Cuisine Créme Anglaise1.02 kg
DairyMIL10Aerosol Spray Cream500 g
DairyBU07Bebo Sunflower Spread (Vegan)2 kg
DairyBU01Butter Portions100 x Size 7
DairyMIL20Buttermilk5 l
DairyMIL9BClotted Cream1 kg
DairyMIL9Double Cream2 l
DairyBU09CEnglish Unsalted Butter40 x 250 g
DairyBU09SEnglish Unsalted Butter250 g
DairyBU10Ghee Pure Butter2 kg
DairyBU05Golden Summer Margarine2 kg
DairyMIL7BLichfields Milk Portions120
DairyMIL2Milk Powder2 kg
DairyBU03CSalted Butter40 x 250 g
DairyBU02Salted Butter250 g
DairyMIL7SSSemi Skimmed Milk
DairyMIL8BSet Sour Cream2 kg
DairyMIL9ASingle Cream2 l
DairyMIL12Single Cream (Alternative)12 x 1 l
DairyMIL7SSkimmed Milk2 l
DairyMIL6Whipping Cream (40%)2 l
DairyMIL7Whole Milk2 l
DishesSPA53C(Coloured) Green Terracotta Tapas Dish - 13 cm1
DishesSPA56C(Coloured) Green Terracotta Tapas Dish - 15 cm1
DishesSPA53L(Lid) Terracotta Tapas Dish - 13 cm - With Lid1
DishesSPA56Colour Terracota Dish - 15 cm - Straight Edge1
DishesSPA57Paella Pans Enamelled - 12 cm1
DishesSPA58Paella Pans Enamelled - 15 cm1
DishesSPA53Terracotta Tapas Dish - 13 cm - Straight Edge1
DishesSPA53HTerracotta Tapas Dish - 13 cm - With Handle1
DishesSPA56HTerracotta Tapas Dish - 15 cm - With Handle1
Dough BallsDOUGH20Caputo Dough Balls48 x 220 g
Dough BallsDOUGH05Dough Balls50 x 190 g
Dough BallsDOUGH25Dough Balls40 x 280 g
Dough BallsDOUGH30Dough Balls46 x 210 g
Dough BallsDOUGH01Dough Balls (Frozen)48 x 240 g
Dough BallsDOUGH35Mini Dough Balls80 x 90 g
Dough BallsDOUGH40Pizza Rounds - 30 cm (Approx 300 g Each)9
Dough BallsDOUGH11Sour Dough Dough Balls48 x 240 g
Dough BallsDOUGH10Sour Dough Dough Balls40 x 300 g
EggsEGG01Eggs30 x 12
EggsEGG02BEggs - Free Range15 x 12
EggsEGG02Eggs - Medium5 x 12
EggsEGG9Eggs - Quail12
EggsEGG05Liquid Egg White1 lt
EggsEGG03Liquid Egg Whole Chilled1 kg
EggsEGG04Liquid Egg Yolk1 l
EggsEGG06Pickled Eggs - Pub Style2.25 kg
Evaporated MilkMIL3ACaramel Carnation Milk6 x 397 g
Evaporated MilkMIL3Carnation Evaporated Milk12 x 410 g
Evaporated MilkMIL40Dulche De Leche (Sweet Caramel Paste)1 kg
Evaporated MilkMIL1Peak Condensed Milk397 g
Fior Di LatteCHI06Cubetatto Fior Di Latte2.5 kg
Fior Di LatteCHI05Fior Di Latte Julien / Napoli Mozza2 kg
Fior Di LatteCHI51Mozzarella Fior Di Latte1 kg
Fior Di LatteCHI07Tray Fior Di Latte Balls6 x 500 g
FishSEA05Anchovies With Green Olives1 kg
FishFI06Baby Squid - Ready To Fry2 kg
FishFI40Battered Whitby Cod Goujons450 g
FishFI03Boquerones - Cleaned And Floured2 kg
FishFI02Boquerones Anchovies1 kg
FishFI42Breaded Calamari Strips4 kg
FishFI01C&C Anchovy Fillets In Oil365 g
FishMAD60Capriccio Di Pesce (Fish In Chilli)190 g
FishFI4DCod Tail160 g - 184 g
FishFI01BD'Amico Anchovies Sunflower Oil550 g
FishCARL30D'Amico Anchovies Sunflower Oil80 g
FishFI18CDelfino Tuna Fillets870 g
FishFI16John West Small Tuna Chunks In Brine145 g
FishFI15Lasa Tuna Fillet In Olive Oil200 g
FishFI43Pacific West Breaded Butterfly King Prawns500 g
FishFI20Shrimp Paste380 g
FishFI50Side Smoked Salmon500 g
FishFI14CTuna Chunks In Brine6 x 1.8 kg
FishFI14DTuna In Brine6 x 1.8 kg
FishFI13Tuna Rio Mare In Olive Oil160 g
FlourFL04B"00" Flour2 kg
FlourFL06A"00" Flour - Blue Caputo Pizza25 kg
FlourFL11C"00" Flour - Blue Frumenta Pizza Manitoba15 kg
FlourNAL50"00" Flour - Green Naldoni Verde1 kg
FlourFL04BA"00" Flour - Italian (Dallari)25 kg
FlourNAL44"00" Flour - Lucia Farina Tipo5 kg
FlourNAL46"00" Flour - Mari Farina Tipo5 kg
FlourNAL21"00" Flour - Naldoni Arancione Tipo Farina Di Grano5 kg
FlourNAL42"00" Flour - Sofia Farina Tipo5 kg
FlourNAL40"00" Flour - Tina Farina Tipo5 kg
FlourFL06Caputo Gold Pizza Flour25 kg
FlourFL95Chestnut Flour500 g
FlourFL80Doves Self Raising Flour - Gluten Free16 kg
FlourFL12CEurostar Sack Coarse Semolina25 kg
FlourFL09Gram Flour (Chick Pea)2 kg
FlourFL07J K Foods Cornflour3 kg
FlourFL06BLight Rye Flour2 kg
FlourFL06CLight Rye Flour16 kg
FlourFL89Light Spelt Flour2 kg
FlourFL01XMalted Toasty Flour (Granary Type)1.5 kg
FlourFL10Maltflake16 kg
FlourFL02XMarriages Manitoba Flour16 kg
FlourFL97Masa Harina Cornflour1 kg
FlourFL01Master Bakers String White Flour1.5 kg
FlourFL50Muffin Flour Mix (Moist Plain)12.5 kg
FlourNAL10Mulino Naldoni Lucia Flour25 kg
FlourNAL05Mulino Naldoni Tina Flour25 kg
FlourNAL35Naldoni Farina A1 Cereal1 kg
FlourNAL30Naldoni Farina Macinata Pietra Tipo1 kg
FlourNAL20Naldoni Linea Arancione Farina Di Grano1 kg
FlourNAL25Naldoni Semola Rimacinata Di Grano Duro5 kg
FlourNAL15Naldoni Speciale Per Pizza1 kg
FlourFL02Nelstrops Plain Flour16 kg
FlourFL03SRNelstrops Self-Raising Flour16 kg
FlourFL30Organic Strong White Flour16 kg
FlourFL03Plain Flour1.5 kg
FlourFL86Plain Flour - Gluten Free1 kg
FlourFL06AARed Caputo Flour25 kg
FlourFL87Self Raising Flour - Gluten Free1 kg
FlourFL04Self-Raising Flour1.5 kg
FlourFL12SSemolina (Coarse)2 kg
FlourNAL01Sofia Flour (Mulino Naldoni)25 kg
FlourFL82Spanish Wheat Flour For Frying5 kg
FlourFL89ASpelt Flour16 kg
FlourNAL02Spolvero Flour For Dusting10 kg
FlourFL04TStrong Wholemeal Flour16 kg
FlourFL04UStrong Wholemeal Flour2 kg
FlourFL02ATasty Seeds + Grain Flour (Multiseeded)1.5 kg
FlourFL98Vital Wheat Gluten25 kg
FlourFL85White Bread Flour - Gluten Free16 kg
FlourFL04CWholemeal Flour16 kg
FlourFL04SWholemeal Flour2 kg
Food ColourCOL01Food Colour38 ml
Food LabelsOT90Food Allergy Take Away Labels500
French CheeseCHF01Brie 60% - Wheel1 kg
French CheeseCHF18Goats - Curd1.2 kg
French CheeseCHF15Goats - Log1 kg
French CheeseCHF40SMini Camembert250 g
Fruit - DriedFR01Apricots - Whole Dried1 kg
Fruit - DriedFR12Banana Chips - Dried1 kg
Fruit - DriedHE53BCoconut Chips - Raw1 kg
Fruit - DriedFR04ACranberries - Dried1 kg
Fruit - DriedFR09Currants - Dried1 kg
Fruit - DriedFR03Dates - Chopped10 kg
Fruit - DriedFR04Dates - Chopped1 kg
Fruit - DriedHE53Dessicated Coconut1 kg
Fruit - DriedFR04BFigs - Dried1 kg
Fruit - DriedFR10Glace Cherries Whole + Broken1 kg
Fruit - DriedFR07Golden Raisins1 kg
Fruit - DriedFR10AMixed Peel1 kg
Fruit - DriedFR02Pitted Dates - Dried1 kg
Fruit - DriedFR05Prunes Pitted - Dried1 kg
Fruit - DriedFR06Raisins - Dried1 kg
Fruit - DriedFR14Red Tart Cherries1 kg
Fruit - DriedFR08Sultanas - Dried1 kg
Fruit - DriedFR09BTamarind Paste200 g
Fruit - FrozenFF02Blackberries (Frozen)1 kg
Fruit - FrozenFF04Blackcurrants (Frozen)1 kg
Fruit - FrozenFF03Blueberries (Frozen)1 kg
Fruit - FrozenFF08Cranberries (Frozen)1 kg
Fruit - FrozenFF10Mango Chunks (Frozen)1 kg
Fruit - FrozenFF06ARaspberries (Frozen)1 kg
Fruit - FrozenFF05Rhubarb (Frozen)1 kg
Fruit - FrozenFF09Sour Cherries (Frozen)1 kg
Fruit - FrozenFF07Strawberries (Frozen)2.5 kg
Fruit - FrozenFF01ASummer Fruits (Frozen)1 kg
Fruit - PureeFR24La Fruitiere Banana Puree1 kg
Fruit - PureeFR20La Fruitiere Blueberry Puree1 kg
Fruit - PureeFR15La Fruitiere Lemon Puree1 kg
Fruit - PureeFR17La Fruitiere Mango Puree1 kg
Fruit - PureeFR16La Fruitiere Morello Cherry Puree1 kg
Fruit - PureeFR18La Fruitiere Passionfruit Puree1 kg
Fruit - PureeFR21La Fruitiere Raspberry Puree1 kg
Fruit - PureeFR24ALa Fruitiere Red Berry Puree1 kg
Fruit - PureeFR22La Fruitiere Strawberry Puree1 kg
Fruit - PureeFR19La Fruitiere White Peach Puree1 kg
Fruit - TinnedFR29HApricot Halves In Syrup2.6 kg
Fruit - TinnedFR27Cocktail Cherries950 g
Fruit - TinnedFR25ACooks Cherries Black - Pitted850 ml
Fruit - TinnedFR28AFabbri Amarena Cherries1.25 kg
Fruit - TinnedFR28Griottines Cherries In Kirsch1 kg
Fruit - TinnedFR29SLeyla Jackfruit In Brine12 x 565 g
Fruit - TinnedFR29TLeyla Jackfruit In Brine565 g
Fruit - TinnedFR26SMandarins1.5 kg
Fruit - TinnedFR26CMandarins Segments In Syrup6 x 2.6 kg
Fruit - TinnedFR29Mango Slices250 g
Fruit - TinnedFR29FPeach Halves2.65 kg
Fruit - TinnedFR29GPear Halves2.5 kg
Fruit - TinnedFR31CPineapple Chunks6 x 432 g
Fruit - TinnedFR31EPineapple Chunks432 g
Fruit - TinnedFR31SPineapple Slices432 g
Fruit - TinnedFR32Pineapple Slices3 kg
Fruit - TinnedPRES01Preserved Lemons750 g
Fruit - TinnedFR50Prunes In Juice850 g
Fruit - TinnedFR35Rhubarb In Light Syrup2.6 kg
Fruit - TinnedFR29CRolin Lychees In Syrup585 g
Fruit - TinnedFR28BSolid Pack Apples2.25 kg
Fruit - TinnedFR28CSolid Pack Apples2.25 kg
Fruit - TinnedFRJ01Tub Baby Figs In Rum / Wine Syrup1.2 kg
GarlicGA09Garlic (Frozen)10 x 1 kg
GarlicGA10Garlic (Frozen)1 kg
GarlicGA21Garlic Flakes500 g
GarlicGA15Garlic Granules1 kg
GarlicGA20Garlic Powder700 g
GarlicBULK01Garlic Powder25 kg
GarlicGA02Garlic Puree1.2 kg
GarlicGA11Garlic Salt1 kg
GelatineGE03Gelatine Bronze Leaf1 kg
GingerHE42AStem Ginger Ginger Nuts In Syrup400 g
GlaceBO83Beef600 g
GlaceBOB048Beef Demi-Glace1.5 kg
GlaceBO82Duck Stock600 g
GlaceBOBO48Essential Cuisine Beef Demi-Glace1.5 kg
GlaceBO85Essential Cuisine Chicken Glace600 g
GlaceBO49Essential Cuisine Game Glaze600 g
GlaceBO48Essential Cuisine Lobster Glace600 g
GlaceBO84Lamb600 g
GlaceBO48Lobster Glace 600 Gm600 g
GlaceBO86Mirepoix Vegetable Glace600 g
GlaceBO81Pork600 g
GlaceBO80Wild Mushroom600 g
Gluten FreeCE50Cornflakes300 g
Gluten FreePAG51AGarafalo Casarecce400 g
Gluten FreePAG51PGarafalo Penne500 g
Gluten FreePAG51Garafalo Spaghetti500 g
Gluten FreeFL13APizza Bases (Frozen)2
Gluten FreeFL86Plain Flour1 kg
Gluten FreeFP50GFPotato Gnocchi (Vegetarian)6 x 500 g
Gluten FreeBR61Seeded Rolls25 x 68 g
Gluten FreeFL87Self Raising Flour1 kg
Gluten FreeFL85White Bread Flour16 kg
GnocchiPA06APotato12 x 500 g
GnocchiPA06BPotato500 g
GnocchiFP93Potato (Frozen)3 kg
GravyBO30Essential Cuisine No 1 Beef Gravy20 l
GravyBO35Essential Cuisine No 1 Chicken Gravy20 l
GravyBO36Essential Cuisine No 1 Savoury Gravy
Greek / Cypriot CheeseCHE51Feta1 kg
Greek / Cypriot CheeseCHE53Feta - Marinated1 kg
Greek / Cypriot CheeseCHE54SHalloumi1 kg
Greek / Cypriot CheeseCHE54THalloumi8 kg
GuacamoleHO11Guacamole (Frozen)1 kg
HerbsHE13Basil - Dry250 g
HerbsHE21Bay Leaves150 g
HerbsHE39Coriander - Ground650 g
HerbsBULK25Coriander - Ground20 kg
HerbsHE37DDill Tips1 kg
HerbsHE14Fennel Seeds1 kg
HerbsBULK 19Fennel Seeds25 kg
HerbsHE38Fenugreek - Ground
HerbsHE38BFenugreek - Leaves150 g
HerbsHE38AFenugreek - Seeds1 kg
HerbsBULK09Herbs De Provence10 kg
HerbsHE55Lavender200 g
HerbsHE36Marjoram200 g
HerbsHE37Mint - Dry250 g
HerbsBULK 17Mint - Dry15 kg
HerbsHE15Mixed Herbs300 g
HerbsBULK43Mixed Herbs10 kg
HerbsHE12Oregano - Dry250 g
HerbsBULK11Oregano - Dry10 kg
HerbsHE17Parsley - Dry150 g
HerbsHE18Rosemary - Dry500 g
HerbsBULK13Rosemary - Dry25 kg
HerbsHE19Sage - Dry300 g
HerbsHE35Tarragon200 g
HerbsHE20Thyme - Dry500 g
HerbsBULK15Thyme - Dry25 kg
HollandaiseMIL9DEssential Cuisine Hollandaise Sauce1 l
HoneySU12BHoney - Clear3 kg
HoneySU32Honey - Glass Portions20 x 28 g
HoneySU31RHoney - Miele Ambrosoli Italian250 g
HoneySU31Honey - Squeezy500 g
HoneySU13AHoneycomb2.5 kg
Hot DrinksMIL15Horlicks2 kg
Hot DrinksMIL16Ovaltine Original800 g
HoumousHO01Houmous (Greek Recipe)1 kg
HoumousHO01AOrexis Houmous2 kg
Ice CreamICE22Carousel Company Ice Cream Cones21
Ice CreamICE17Champagne Sorbet2.5 l
Ice CreamICE08Cheshire Farm Banana4 l
Ice CreamICE03Cheshire Farm Chocolate4 l
Ice CreamICE06Cheshire Farm Coconut4 l
Ice CreamICE10Cheshire Farm Delux (Flavours On Request)4 l
Ice CreamICE13Cheshire Farm Fruit Sorbet (Flavours On Request)2.5 l
Ice CreamICE04Cheshire Farm Honeycomb4 l
Ice CreamICE12Cheshire Farm Luxury (Flavours On Request)4 l
Ice CreamICE12PCheshire Farm Luxury Salted Caramel4 l
Ice CreamICE07Cheshire Farm Mint Choc Chip4 l
Ice CreamICE09Cheshire Farm Rum N Raisin4 l
Ice CreamICE14Cheshire Farm Special Luxury4 l
Ice CreamICE14MCheshire Farm Special Luxury Malt Tease4 l
Ice CreamICE14PCheshire Farm Special Luxury Pistacchio4 l
Ice CreamICE05Cheshire Farm Stem Ginger4 l
Ice CreamICE02Cheshire Farm Strawberries & Cream4 l
Ice CreamICE01Cheshire Farm Vanilla (With Pod)4 l
Ice CreamICE21Fan Wafers200
Ice CreamICEL03Gold Chocolate Chunk5 l
Ice CreamICEL01Gold Madagascan Vanilla5 l
Ice CreamICEL02Gold Strawberry & Cream5 l
Ice CreamICE15Individual Portion Tubs12 x 125 ml
Ice CreamICE20BTopping Sauce - Caramel1 kg
Ice CreamICE20Topping Sauce - Chocolate1 kg
Ice CreamICE20ATopping Sauce - Strawberry1 kg
Ice CreamICE21AWaverley Sugar Wafer Curls280
Italian CheeseCHE70Fontal1 kg
Italian CheeseCHI20Gorgonzola Mild - Wedge1 kg
Italian CheeseCHEV01Gran Moravia Veg Block1 kg
Italian CheeseCHE25AGrated Grana Padano1 kg
Italian CheeseCHEV03Grated Veg Hard Cheese (Gran Moravia)1 kg
Italian CheeseCHE13LMascarpone (Latte Carso)2 kg
Italian CheeseCHE15Mascarpone (Latte Carso)250 g
Italian CheeseCHE17Pecorino Romano1 kg
Italian CheeseCHE06BProvolone Valpadana Dop1 kg
Italian CheeseCHE21AReggiano Parmigiano Block1 kg
Italian CheeseCHE11LRicotta1.5 kg
Italian CheeseCHE11MRicotta250 g
Italian CheeseCHE16Rigatello (Sardo)1 kg
Italian CheeseCHE06CScamorza1 kg
Italian CheeseCHE10Taleggio1 kg
Italian Meat - HamVER10Veroni Corallo (Proscuitto Skinned And Boned)1 kg
Italian Meat - N'DujaMS40PN'Duja - Calabrese Picc Budello250 g
Italian Meat - N'DujaMS40SN'Duja - Calabrese Sac A Poche200 g
Italian Meat - N'DujaMAD80N'Duja - Calabria Piccante175 g
Italian Meat - N'DujaMS40N'Duja - Spreadable1 kg
Italian Meat - SalamiMAD25Cappocollo/ Coppa1 kg
Italian Meat - SalamiMAD25ACoppa - Sliced500 g
Italian Meat - SalamiMAD01Madeo Soppressata Piccante1 kg
Italian Meat - SalamiMAD05Madeo Soppressata Rossa Dolce1 kg
Italian Meat - SalamiVER09Mortadella Without Pistachio "Esselusso Half Oval"1 kg
Italian Meat - SalamiMS40BN'Duja Budelo (Sausage Style)1 kg
Italian Meat - SalamiMAD10Salsiccia (Catena) Calabrese Piccante1 kg
Italian Meat - SalamiVER01ASliced Fennel Salame500 g
Italian Meat - SalamiVER04ASliced Napoli Piccante Veroni500 g
Italian Meat - SalamiMAD21Sliced Spianata Piccante500 g
Italian Meat - SalamiVER07ASpec - Sliced500 g
Italian Meat - SalamiVER06Veroni Bresola Punta D'Anca1 kg
Italian Meat - SalamiVER20Veroni Italian Ham With Herbs1 kg
Italian Meat - SalamiVER08Veroni Mortadella (With Pistachio)1 kg
Italian Meat - SalamiVER01Veroni Salami Finnocchiona (Fennel Salami)1 kg
Italian Meat - SalamiVER11Veroni Salami Milano1 kg
Italian Meat - SalamiVER03Veroni Salami Napoli Dolce1 kg
Italian Meat - SalamiVER03AVeroni Sliced Napoli500 g
Italian Meat - SalamiVER07Veroni Spec1 kg
Italian Meat - SalamiVER04Veroni Whole Salami Napoli Piccante1 kg
JamJE10Chipotle Chilli Jam1.4 kg
JamJE12Duerrs Marmalade3 kg
JamJE08Duerrs Raspberry Jam3 kg
JamJE06Duerrs Redcurrant Jelly3 kg
JamJE07Duerrs Strawberry Jam3 kg
JamFig Jam "Confettura Extra Di Fichi"340 g
JamJE11Margetts Lemon Curd2 kg
JamJE27BPortions - Blackcurrant Jam20 x 20 g
JamJE34Portions - Blackcurrant Jam (Glass)24 x 28 g
JamJE32Portions - Fine Cut Marmalade (Glass)24 x 28 g
JamJE25Portions - Litchfields Jam100 x 20 g
JamJE26Portions - Marmalade20 x 20 g
JamJE27RPortions - Raspberry Jam20 x 20 g
JamJE31Portions - Raspberry Jam (Glass)15 x 30 g
JamJE27Portions - Strawberry Jam20 x 20 g
JamJE30Portions - Strawberry Jam (Glass)24 x 28 g
JamJE13Red Cherry Fruit Pie Filling1.8 kg
JuiceJU11Al Rabih Pomegranate Syrup / Molasses300 ml
JuiceJU30Bitterini Rosso Stappi6 x 4 x 100 ml
JuiceJU04UBlackcurrant Cordial5 l
JuiceJU31Chinotto Stappi6 x 4 x 200 ml
JuiceJU05CElderflower Cordial500 ml
JuiceFR26Fresh Lemon Juice1 l
JuiceFR25Fresh Lime Juice1 l
JuiceFR27Fresh Orange Juice2 l
JuiceJU03TJames White Organic Beetroot Juice1 l
JuiceJU06CLemon Juice (Quick Lemon)6 x 1 l
JuiceJU06SLemon Juice (Quick Lemon)1 l
JuiceJU05ALime Cordial5 l
JuiceJU07Lime Juice1 l
JuiceJU03AOcean Spray Cranberry Juice1 l
JuiceJU03COcean Spray Cranberry Juice12 x 1 l
JuiceJU04TOrange Cordial5 l
JuiceJU36Pago Apple Juice6 x 4 x 200 ml
JuiceJU35Pago Orange Juice6 x 4 x 200 ml
JuiceJU37Pago Peach Juice6 x 4 x 200 ml
JuiceJU02APrinces Apple Juice12 x 1 l
JuiceJU02BPrinces Apple Juice1 l
JuiceJU01CPrinces Orange Juice12 x 1 l
JuiceJU01SPrinces Orange Juice1 l
JuiceJU02SPrincess Pineapple Juice1 l
JuiceJU13Ribena2 x 1.5 l
JuiceJU14Robinsons Lemon Barley1.75 l
JuiceJU03VRubicon Mango Juice12 x 1 l
JuiceJU03WRubicon Mango Juice1 l
JuiceJU00CSunpride 100% Tomato Juice12 x 1 l
JuiceJU00SSunpride 100% Tomato Juice1 l
JuiceJU01XSunpride Grapefruit Juice12 x 1 l
JuiceJU02CSunpride Pineapple Juice12 x 1 l
JuiceJU12Vimto Cordial2 l
JuiceJU20Yuzu Kaju 100% Seasoning (Frozen)1 kg
JusBOBO51Essential Cuisine Chicken Jus1 kg / 8 l
JusBOBO52Essential Cuisine Lamb Jus
JusBOBO50Essential Cuisine Veal Jus1 kg / 8 l
JusBO52BPremier Rich Vegetable Jus1 kg
JusBOBO53Signature Beef Jus1 l
JusBOBO54Signature Red Wine Jus1 l
KnorrBO60Knorr Beef Bouillon Paste1 kg / 40 l
KnorrBO61Knorr Chicken Bouillon Paste1 kg / 40 l
KnorrBO62Knorr Vegetable Bouillon Paste1 kg / 40 l
MaldonSAL05Maldon Sea Salt250 g
MaldonSAL05CMaldon Sea Salt12 x 250 g
MaldonSAL05XMaldon Sea Salt1.5 kg
MaldonSAL07Maldon Sea Salt - Smoked125 g
MaldonSAL08Maldon Sea Salt - Smoked500 g
MarmiteSC70Marmite600 g
MarmiteSC71Marmite24 x 8 g
MayonnaiseMA09Gyma Thick Mayonnaise5 l
MayonnaiseMA10Gyma Thick Mayonnaise10 l
MayonnaiseMA30Heinz Sqeezy Mayonnaise10 x 220 ml
MayonnaiseMA08BHellmans Real Mayonnaise10 l
MayonnaiseMA32Hellmans Squeezy Mayonnaise8 x 250 ml
MayonnaiseMA33Hellmans Squeezy Mayonnaise8 x 430 ml
MayonnaiseMA26Lion Premium Vegan Mayonnaise1 l
MayonnaiseMA27Lion Premium Vegan Mayonnaise10 l
MayonnaiseMA20Olympic Chefs Mayonnaise
MayonnaiseMA15QP Japanese Mayonnaise500 g
MayonnaiseMA19BSriracha Mayonnaise455 ml
MayonnaiseMA25Vegane Salatmayonnaise5 l
Meat - BaconME40Back Bacon Unsmoked Rindless2 kg
Meat - BaconME41Smoked Rindless Streaky Bacon1.5 kg
Meat - BeefME20Corned Beef2.72 kg
Meat - Black PuddingME30Bury Black Pudding Gold1.36 kg
Meat - BresolaME07SSliced Bresaola (Punta D'Anca)250 g
Meat - ChickenME71Chicken Breaded Mini Fillets2 kg
Meat - ChickenMEC06Chicken Breast (Frozen)2.5 kg
Meat - ChickenME70Flamed Cooked Chicken Wings2 x 2.5 kg
Meat - DuckMEC08Duck - Whole, Boneless And Cooked (Frozen)575 g
Meat - HamME19Ham Offcuts1 kg
Meat - HamME19BPulled Ham2 kg
Meat - HamME19ASliced Premium Roast Ham1 kg
Meat - MortadellaME09SMortadella Sliced (With Pistachio)500 g
Meat - PancettaME13AASmoked Pancetta - Lardons1 kg
Meat - PancettaME13ASmoked Pancetta - Sliced500 g
Meat - PancettaME13Smoked Pancetta - Whole1 kg
Meat - PastramiME15APastrami - Sliced500 g
Meat - PastramiME15Pastrami - Whole1 kg
Meat - PepperoniME18Madeo Salsiccia Pepperoni - Sliced500 g
Meat - PepperoniME17Pepperoni - Sliced1 kg
Meat - PorkME81Guanciale With Pepper (Cured Pork Cheek)1 kg
Meat - PorkMEC03Pulled Pork (Frozen)2 kg
Meat - Pre-PackedVER38Retail Salsicia Napoli Dolce Sausages1 kg
Meat - Pre-PackedVER39Retail Salsicia Piccante Sausages1 kg
Meat - Pre-PackedVER37Veroni Retail Antipasto Trasizione120 g
Meat - Pre-PackedVER31Veroni Retail Sliced Milano80 g
Meat - Pre-PackedVER36Veroni Retail Sliced Mortadella180 g
Meat - Pre-PackedVER30Veroni Retail Sliced Napoli80 g
Meat - Pre-PackedVER35Veroni Retail Sliced Pancetta Affumicata150 g
Meat - Pre-PackedVER34Veroni Retail Sliced Prosc Cotto120 g
Meat - Pre-PackedVER32Veroni Retail Sliced Proscuitto Crudo80 g
Meat - Pre-PackedVER33Veroni Retail Sliced Spec80 g
Meat - ProsciuttoME05Sliced Prosciutto Ham500 g
Meat - SalamiME01ASliced Salame Napoli500 g
Meat - Sausage / HotdogMEC02Extra Large Beef Hot Dog10 x 140 g
Meat - Sausage / HotdogMEC04Italian Fresh Sausages (Frozen)1 kg
Meat - Sausage / HotdogME22King Size Hot Dogs 40S4.1 kg
Meat - Sausage / HotdogFRAN01Large Frankfurter New York Diner10 x 90 g
Meat - Sausage / HotdogMEC01Red Pepper Frankfurter - 30 cm (Frozen)1 kg
Meat - Sausage / HotdogME61Rollover Frankfurters1020 g
Meat - SpamME43Tulip Spam1.8 kg
MexicanMEX05Achiote Paste "El Yucatero"1 kg
MexicanMEX01Chipolte Chilli In Adobo Sauce2.8 kg
MexicanMEX02Corn Truffle Mushroom "Huitlacoche"15 x 210 g
MexicanREF01La Mex Vegetarian Refried Beans3.26 kg
MexicanRIO10Rio Jalapeno Jelly2.5 kg
MexicanRIO01Rio Lime And Tequila Marinade2.5 l
MexicanRIO05Rio Tennessee Glae With Bourbon2.5 l
MexicanMEX04Whole Cactus1 kg
MozzarellaCHE07BBufala Mozzarella Balls12 x 125 g
MozzarellaCHE07EBufala Mozzarella Balls125 g
MozzarellaCHE01Mozzarella 100% - Block1 kg
MozzarellaPRIM01Mozzarella 100% - Grated6 x 2 kg
MozzarellaPRIM01Mozzarella 100% - Grated2 kg
MozzarellaCHE03DMozzarella 70% / Cheddar 30%2 kg
MozzarellaCHE03FMozzarella 80% / Cheddar 20%2 kg
MozzarellaCHE04LMozzarella Balls12 x 125 g
MozzarellaCHE04MMozzarella Balls125 g
MozzarellaCHI02Mozzarella Bocconcini1 kg
MozzarellaCHE03QQ-Diced Mozzarella 100%6 x 2 kg
MozzarellaCHE03RQ-Diced Mozzarella 100%2 kg
MushroomsVEA10Champignon Mushrooms - Sliced2.9 kg
MushroomsFU02Dried Mixed Mushrooms500 g
MushroomsFU04L'Aquila Truffle Black - Sliced120 g
MushroomsFU10Salsa Truffina130 g
MushroomsFU02BSecond Choice Porcini / Ceps500 g
MushroomsVE71Wild Mushroom Mix1 kg
Mustard - AmericanMU03AConey Island Hot Dog Mustard354 g
Mustard - AmericanMU11New French's Yellow Mustard8 x 226 g
Mustard - EnglishMU04SChef's Larder Wholegrain Mustard2.15 l
Mustard - EnglishMU01Colmans English Mustard2.25 l
Mustard - EnglishMU01AColmans English Mustard2.15 l
Mustard - EnglishMU05Colmans English Mustard8 x 100 g
Mustard - FrenchMU02BColemans French Mustard2.25 l
Mustard - FrenchMU03BMerchant Gourmet Dijon Mustard2 l
Mustard - PowderMU02AColemans Mustard Powder2 kg
Mustard - PowderMU10Colemans Mustard Powder454 g
Mustard - SeedsBULK21Mustard Seeds25 kg
Mustard - SeedsMU16Mustard Seeds - Brown600 g
Mustard - SeedsMU15Mustard Seeds - Yellow600 g
Mustard - SeedsMU04BWholegrain Mustard5 l
Non-Dairy MilkMIL7ABAlpro Almond Milk1 l
Non-Dairy MilkMIL7TAlpro Coconut Soy Drink1 l
Non-Dairy MilkMIL7AAlpro Soya Milk12 x 1 l
Non-Dairy MilkMIL7AAAlpro Soya Milk1 l
Non-Dairy MilkMIL7ACAlpro Unsweetened Roasted Almond Milk1 l
Non-Dairy MilkMIL7VCoconut Original Dairy Free1 l
Non-Dairy MilkMIL7OOat Milk (Minor Figures) UHT1 l
NoodlesOR27RDeer Rose Rice Stick Noodles400 g
NoodlesOR28GLucky Boat Noodles7.7 kg
NoodlesOR27UNagagi Udon Noodles250 g
NoodlesOR28AQuick Cook Noodles500 g
NoodlesOR28CQuick Cook Noodles30 x 500 g
NutsNU04Almonds - Blanched1 kg
NutsNU06Almonds - Flaked1 kg
NutsNU05Almonds - Ground1 kg
NutsNU06BAlmonds - Nibbed1 kg
NutsNU07CAlmonds - Smoked
NutsNU15Bombay Mix1 kg
NutsNU03CCashew Nuts - Blanched1 kg
NutsNU03DCashew Nuts - Chilli1 kg
NutsNU03BCashew Nuts - Salted1 kg
NutsNU07FChestnut - Pureé200 g
NutsNU07DChestnuts - Cooked180 g
NutsNU10Hazelnut Praline Paste1 kg
NutsNU09Hazelnuts - Whole Roasted Skinless1 kg
NutsNU05CMacadamia Nuts1 kg
NutsNU14Peanuts - Blanched1 kg
NutsNU18Peanuts - Dry Roasted1 kg
NutsNU17Peanuts - Salted1 kg
NutsNU13Pecan Nuts1 kg
NutsNU01Pine Nuts1 kg
NutsNU12RPistacchio Nuts - Bright Green Peeled1 kg
NutsNU12Pistacchio Nuts - Green Kernels (Shell Off)1 kg
NutsNU11Pistacchio Nuts - Roasted1 kg
NutsNU06CPrima Almond Essence500 ml
NutsNU02BWalnut - Halves1 kg
NutsNU02Walnut - Pieces1 kg
OctopusPULPO10Cooked Tentacles (90 - 160 g Each)1 kg
OctopusPULPO01Pulpo Whole Raw Octopus1 - 2 kg
OctopusPULPO05Pulpo Whole Raw Octopus2 - 3 kg
Oils & FatsOI19Coconut Oil 100% Pure500 ml
Oils & FatsOI14ACorn Oil5 l
Oils & FatsME23Duck Fat3.6 kg
Oils & FatsOI15Groundnut (Peanut Oil)600 ml
Oils & FatsOI17BHazelnut Oil (Leblanc)500 ml
Oils & FatsQP01Kewpie Deep Roasted Sesame Dressing1 l
Oils & FatsBU20Lard250 g
Oils & FatsOI94EMr Hughes Chilli And Garlic Drizzling Oil250 ml
Oils & FatsOI05ESuerte Alta Coupage Natural500 ml
Oils & FatsOI18Walnut Oil500 ml
Oils & Fats - Extra Virgin OliveOI05Barbera Extra Virgin Olive Oil1 l
Oils & Fats - Extra Virgin OliveOI94Basso X12 x 25 cl
Oils & Fats - Extra Virgin OliveOI04AExtra Virgin Olive Oil5 l
Oils & Fats - Extra Virgin OliveOI04TExtra Virgin Olive Oil4 x 5 l
Oils & Fats - Extra Virgin OliveOI92SGarlic Flavoured Extra Virgin Oil (Spanish)250 ml
Oils & Fats - Extra Virgin OliveOI05FOrganic Canoliva Evo5 l
Oils & Fats - Extra Virgin OliveOI04CP.D.O. Kalamata Extra Virgin Oil1 l
Oils & Fats - Extra Virgin OliveOI91CSpanish Chilli Extra Virgin Olive Oil250 g
Oils & Fats - Extra Virgin OliveOI91DSpanish Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil250 g
Oils & Fats - Extra Virgin OliveOI05DSparta Gold Evo5 l
Oils & Fats - OliveOI02Sansa / Pomace5 l
Oils & Fats - OliveOI03Sansa / Pomace4 x 5 l
Oils & Fats - PommanceOI03XBlended Pomace Oil5 l
Oils & Fats - RapeseedOI01ARape Seed / Long Life Oil20 l
Oils & Fats - RapeseedOI06Rape Seed / Long Life Oil5 l
Oils & Fats - RapeseedOI94BRapeseed Oil - Chilli Infused500 ml
Oils & Fats - RapeseedOI94CRapeseed Oil - Garlic Infused500 ml
Oils & Fats - RapeseedOI94ARapeseed Oil - Lemon Infused500 ml
Oils & Fats - RapeseedOI07Spray Can Rapeseed200 ml
Oils & Fats - SesameOI14Tiger Tiger Sesame Oil625 ml
Oils & Fats - SunflowerOI13XSunflower Oil5 l
Oils & Fats - TruffleOI22L'Aquila Truffle Oil Concentrated55 ml
Oils & Fats - TruffleOI20Truffle Pig White Truffle Oil250 ml
Oils & Fats - VegetableOI01Vegetable Oil20 l
Olive TapenadeOL16Black Olive Tapenade1 kg
Olive TapenadeOL15Green Olive Tapenade1 kg
Olive TapenadeTS3Red Tapenade (Sundried Tomato)1 kg
Olives - GreekOL10ABlack Jumbo Olives With Stones1 kg
Olives - GreekOL17Giant Green Pitted Olives1 kg
Olives - GreekCARL05Green & Black Mixed Pitted Olives3 kg
Olives - GreekOL10CGreen Jumbo Olives With Stones1 kg
Olives - GreekCARL11Green Olives Stuffed With Feta4.2 kg
Olives - GreekOL17CGreen Pitted Giant Olives8.65 kg
Olives - GreekOL10TGreen Whole Olives5 kg
Olives - GreekOLF01Kalamata Olives With Stones8.53 kg
Olives - GreekOLF10Kalamata Olives With Stones830 g
Olives - GreekOL13Kalamata Pitted Dressed Black Olives1 kg
Olives - GreekCARL12Lemon, Garlic & Coriander Olives2.9 kg
Olives - GreekCARL10Olives Stuffed With Garlic3 kg
Olives - GreekCARL13Olives With Piri Piri
Olives - GreekOL12Olives With Stone (Black / Green)4.3 kg
Olives - GreekCARL08Pitted Green Olives3 kg
Olives - GreekOL13CPitted Kalamata Olives4 kg
Olives - ItalianOLA10Attina Bella Di Cerignola-Mammouth Green Olives3.5 kg
Olives - ItalianOLA01Attina Cocktail Of Pitted Olives2 kg
Olives - ItalianOLA05Attina Olives For Appetizer Oliveaperitivo2.5 kg
Olives - ItalianTOS02SBoscaiola Olives830 g
Olives - ItalianTOS02Boscaiola Olives - Green Pitted3.05 kg
Olives - ItalianOL05CCerignola Whole Black Olive5 kg
Olives - ItalianOL14Giant Pitted Olives In Lemon830 g
Olives - ItalianTOS10Mixed Italia Olives3.5 kg
Olives - ItalianOL50Nocellara Olives5.5 kg
Olives - ItalianOL21AOlive Black Leccino Pitted314 ml
Olives - ItalianOL22Olive Black Leccino Pitted4.5 kg
Olives - ItalianOL23Olive Black Leccino Pitted1 kg
Olives - ItalianTOS04SPaesana Olives830 g
Olives - ItalianTOS04Paesana Olives - Black Pitted3.05 kg
Olives - ItalianOL17Pitted Giant Green Olives Dressed1 kg
Olives - MoroccanTOS06Black Pitted Moroccan Olives3 kg
Olives - SpanishOL11Dressed Crespo Pitted Olives Black / Green830 g
Olives - SpanishGOR01Gordal Olives5 kg
Olives - SpanishOL04Karina Manzanilla Olives4.4 kg
Olives - SpanishOL01SLefktro Black Pitted Olives4 kg
Olives - SpanishOL02SLefktro Green Pitted Olives4.1 kg
Olives - SpanishOL60Manzanilla Pitted Olives With Anchovy Flavour4.72 kg
Onion RingON01Giant Beer Battered Onion Rings10 x 500 g
Onion RingON01SGiant Beer Battered Onion Rings500 g
Onion RingON02Golden Ridge Battered Onion Rings1 kg
OrientalOR12UAngel Satay And BBQ Sauce / Marinade350 ml
OrientalBAN01Banana Blossom24 x 510 g
OrientalBAN02Banana Blossom510 g
OrientalOR11Black Bean Sauce185 ml
OrientalOR27ABuckwheat Soba Noodles250 g
OrientalOR11AChef's Larder Black Bean Sauce2.15 l
OrientalGY02Chicken Gyoza30 x 20 g
OrientalSA00SChinese Duck Pancakes (102 Per Pack)1 kg
OrientalSA02Duck Spring Rolls50 x 30 g
OrientalSA02LDuck Spring Rolls (Special Order)30 x 50 g
OrientalOR15Fish Sauce725 ml
OrientalOR07KGochujang500 g
OrientalOR25AHarissa760 g
OrientalOR25Harissa Paste380 g
OrientalOR09CHoi Sin Sauce24 x 454 g
OrientalOR09SHoi Sin Sauce454 g
OrientalOR12TJimmy's Satay Sauce360 g
OrientalOR26BKaiso Mix100 g
OrientalOR07CKecap Manis620 ml
OrientalOR08BKikkoman Soy Sauce1 l
OrientalOR06Kikkoman Tamari Gluten Free Shoyu20 l
OrientalOR08EKikomans Teriyaki Sauce1.9 l
OrientalOR75CKimchi Mat Cabbage215 g
OrientalOR27GLime Leaves (Frozen)100 g
OrientalSA00CMing Food Chinese Pancakes1020
OrientalOR50Mirin Mizkan Honteri710 ml
OrientalOR02Miso Paste White1 kg
OrientalOR51Mitsukan Rice Vinegar710 ml
OrientalOR50AMizan Ponzu1.8 ml
OrientalOR50BMizkan Ajipon710 ml
OrientalOR75Momo Kimchee Base450 g
OrientalOR26Nori Seaweed Sheets20 g
OrientalSA02AOnion Bhajis50 x 30 g
OrientalOR22Orange Blossom Water300 ml
OrientalOR15BPanda Lkk Oyster Sauce507 g
OrientalORK20Pappadums2 x 1 kg
OrientalOR51APat Chun Black Rice Vinegar Unsweetened600 ml
OrientalOR05BPeking Duck Sauce383 g
OrientalOR10CPlum Sauce24 x 400 g
OrientalOR10SPlum Sauce450 g
OrientalOR17APrawn Crackers227 g
OrientalOT80BRice Sticks400 g
OrientalOR36Rolin Chopsticks100
OrientalOR71Rolin Mock Duck Vegetarian Meat283 g
OrientalOR21Rose Water300 ml
OrientalOR49Sake Ozeki Ryorishu750 ml
OrientalOR51BShao Sing Rice Wine600 ml
OrientalOR56Shrimps Dried100 g
OrientalFOR01Silk Road Fortune Cookies2 kg
OrientalOR07BSoya Sauce - Dark500 ml
OrientalOR07ASoya Sauce - Light500 ml
OrientalOR08Soya Sauce - Light8 l
OrientalOR52Sushi Ginger White (Pickled Ginger)1 kg
OrientalOR20ATahini3 kg
OrientalOR20Tahini Paste907 g
OrientalOR06ATamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce1 l
OrientalOR08DTeriyaki Sauce250 ml
OrientalOR10Tiger Tiger Plum Sauce1950 ml
OrientalOR13Tom Yum Paste227 g
OrientalOR19AWasabi - Paste43 g
OrientalOR19BWasabi - Powder1 kg
OrientalOR10TYellow Bean Sauce330 g
OrientalOR28Yeos Rice Vermicelli375 g
PastaPAG98Dececco Spaghetti12 x 1 kg
PastaPAG99Suchiette - Molisana (No 34)24 x 500 g
PastaPAG99SSuchiette - Molisana (Tubes With Angular Edges)500 g
Pasta - FreshFP11Agnolotti Lobster Ravioli3 kg
Pasta - FreshFP05Fresh Fettucini Pasta1 kg
Pasta - FreshFP07Fresh Lasagne Pasta Roll1 kg
Pasta - FreshFP03Fresh Linguini Pasta1 kg
Pasta - FreshFP06Fresh Pappardella Pasta1 kg
Pasta - FreshFP51VFresh Pasta Vegan Orecchiette3 x 1 kg
Pasta - FreshFP50VFresh Pasta Vegan Trofie3 x 1 kg
Pasta - FreshFP04Fresh Tagliatelle Pasta1 kg
Pasta - FreshFP12Girasole Garlic & Porcini Mushroom (Frozen)1 kg
Pasta - FreshFP60Mini Doughnuts Filled With Nutella3 kg
Pasta - FreshFP40Tortelloni Gorgonzola & Walnut (Frozen)3 kg
Pasta - FreshFP30Tortelloni Mushroom (Frozen)3 kg
Pasta - FreshFP32Tortelloni Spinach & Ricotta Frozen3 kg
Pasta - FreshFP31Tortelloni Tomato And Goats Cheese3 kg
Pasta - FreshFP47Tortelloni Wild Boar (Frozen)3 kg
Pasta - FreshFP38Tortolloni N'Duja & Mascarpone3 kg
Pasta - Gluten FreePAG50Garofalo Gluten Free Pasta12 x 500 g
Pasta - Gluten FreePAG51AGarofalo Gluten Free Pasta Casarecce (Short Rolled Up Twists)400 g
Pasta - Gluten FreePAG51PGarofalo Gluten Free Pasta Penne500 g
Pasta - Gluten FreePAG51Garofalo Gluten Free Pasta Spaghetti500 g
Pasta - Special OrderPAG91Fusiloni500 g
Pasta - Special OrderPAG71Garofalo Cannolicchi #51 (Twisted Flat Strip, Resemble Clam Shells)500 g
Pasta - Special OrderPAG86Garofalo Casarecce (Short Rolled Up Twists)500 g
Pasta - Special OrderPAG82Garofalo Fusili Bucati Corti #64 (Corkscrew Shaped)500 g
Pasta - Special OrderPAG84Garofalo Fusili Lunghi #12-5 (Long Corkscrew Shaped)500 g
Pasta - Special OrderPAG69Garofalo Gemelli #65 ("S" Shaped Twisted Strand)500 g
Pasta - Special OrderPAG70Garofalo Lumaconi #48 (Large Snail Shell Shaped)500 g
Pasta - Special OrderPAG83Garofalo Mafalda Corta #79 (Small Frilly Edges)500 g
Pasta - Special OrderPAG85Garofalo Malfade #10-1 (Ribbon Shaped Frilly Edges)500 g
Pasta - Special OrderPAG72Garofalo Pasta Mista #82 (Mixed Shapes)500 g
Pasta - Special OrderPAG68Garofalo Riccioli #41 (Cone Shaped, Ruffled Edge)500 g
Pasta - Special OrderPAG90Garofalo Schiaffoni (Short But Wide Tubes)500 g
Pasta - Special OrderPAG92Mezze Maniche500 g
Pasta - Special OrderPAG95Primavera Tricolour Pasta500 g
Pasta - WholewheatPAW04Wholemeal Organic Fusilli #5-63500 g
Pasta - WholewheatPAW02Wholemeal Organic Penne #5-70500 g
Pasta - WholewheatPAW01Wholemeal Organic Spaghetti #5-9500 g
Pasta BarillaPAB06Barilla Linguini / Bavette12 x 1 kg
Pasta BarillaPAB04Barilla Of Fettucini6 x 1 kg
Pasta BarillaPAB02Barilla Of Lasagne15 x 500 g
Pasta BarillaPAB01Barilla Of Penne9 x 1kg
Pasta BarillaPAB05Barilla Of Spaghetti4 x 3 kg
Pasta GarganoPA72Calamarata Pasta500 g
Pasta GarganoPA70Del Gargano Orechiette500
Pasta GarganoPA73Reginelle Del Gargano500 g
Pasta GarganoPA74Spaghettoni Al Nero Di Seppia Gargano500 g
Pasta GarganoPA71Tricolore Orecchieet Del Gargano500 g
Pasta GarganoPA57Troffiette500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG21Anistelle Kids Pasta (Moon And Stars)500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG60Garafalo Bucatini (Spaghetti With Hole Running Through)24 x 500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG06AGarafalo Bucatini #1424 x 500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG06BGarafalo Bucatini #14500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG44Garafalo Cannelloni12 x 250 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG45Garafalo Cannelloni250 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG67Garafalo Cappelleltti #50 (Little Hat Shaped)500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG20Garafalo Dischi Volanti #9-90 (Kids Pasta)500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG30Garafalo Ditali Lischi #52 (Small Tubes)500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG43AGarafalo Elbow Macaroni #8916 x 500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG42BGarafalo Elbow Macaroni #89500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG40Garafalo Farfalle (Bow Tie)500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG41Garafalo Farfalle #78 (Bow Tie)500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG13Garafalo Lasagna12 x 500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG14Garafalo Lasagna #3-64500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG65Garafalo Sardi Gnocchi #36 (Shell Shaped)500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG42Garafalo Sedanini (Tiny Tubes)16 x 500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG43Garafalo Sedanini #66500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG07Garafalo Spaghetti24 x 500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG08Garafalo Spaghetti #9500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG23Garafalo Stelline (Little Stars)500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG09Garafalo Tagliatelle Nido12 x 500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG10Garafalo Tagliatelle Nido #90-2500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG05Garofalo Fusili16 x 500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG06Garofalo Fusili #63500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG03Garofalo Linguni24 x 500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG04Garofalo Linguni #12500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG15Garofalo Lumaca Rigata (Grooved Snail Shells)16 x 500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG80Garofalo Orrechiette #5-14 (Shaped Like Small Ears)16 x 500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG81Garofalo Orrechiette #5-14 (Shaped Like Small Ears)500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG11Garofalo Pappardelle Nido (Ribbon Shaped)12 x 500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG12Garofalo Pappardelle Nido #1-35 (Ribbon Shaped)500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG22Garofalo Pazziele #2-33 (Kids Pasta)500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG01Garofalo Penne500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG02Garofalo Penne #70500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG66Garofalo Radiatori #87 (Squat Shaped, Resembling Radiators)500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG17Garofalo Rigatoni (Tube Shaped, Larger Than Penne)16 x 500 g
Pasta GarofaloPAG18Garofalo Rigatoni (Tube Shaped, Larger Than Penne)500 g
PastryPS07Gyoza Skin Imperial Dragon284 g
PastryPS06Happy Belly Wonton Pastry (Frozen)300 g
PastryPS01CJus-Rol Filo Pastry8 x 500 g
PastryPS01Jus-Rol Filo Pastry500 g
PastryPS02CJus-Rol Puff Pastry4 x 1.5 kg
PastryPS02Jus-Rol Puff Pastry1.5 kg
PastryPS04Jus-Roll 6 in Puff Pastry Rounds96 x 54 g
PastryPS05Kims Spring R. Pastry 25 cm x 25 cm20
PastryPS02MMaître André All Butter Puff Pastry4.2 kg
PastryPS02SPMaître André Short Crust Pastry4.25 kg
PastryPS07AMong Lee Shang Dumpling Pastry450 g
PastryPS10Short Crust Pastry1.5 kg
PastryPS12Spanish Pastry "Obleas Empanadillas"30
PastryPS03Special Puff Pastry12 x 625 g
PateME44Chef's Larder Ardennes Pate1.05 kg
PateME47Chef's Larder Brussels Pate1.05 kg
PateME46Chef's Larder Chicken Liver Pate With Scoth Whisky1.05 kg
PateME45Chef's Larder Duck Liver Pate1.05 kg
Peanut ButterRET20Proper Nutty Peanut Butter280 g
Peanut ButterBU04CSkippy Crunchy Peanut Butter1.13 kg
Peanut ButterBU04Skippy Smooth Peanut Butter1.13 kg
PepperHE01Black Peppercorns1 kg
PepperHE06Cracked Black Pepper1 kg
PepperBULK07Cracked Black Pepper25 kg
PepperHE08Green Peppercorns In Brine1 kg
PepperHE07AGround Black Pepper1 kg
PepperHE07Ground White Pepper1 kg
PepperBULK05Ground White Pepper25 kg
PepperHE04AMixed Peppercorns1 kg
PepperHE04Pink Peppercorns500 g
PepperHE09Szechuan Peppercorns 100G100 g
PepperHES11Tellicherry Black Pepper Grinder (Sm) 210G210 g
PepperHE02White Peppercorns Per Kg1 kg
PestoPE1Green Pesto (Genovese) (Contains Nuts) Per Kg1 kg
PestoPE2Red Pesto (Contains Nuts) Per Kg1 kg
Pizza BoxOT11Pizza Boxes 10"X100 Per Pack100
Pizza BoxOT10Pizza Boxes 12"X100 Per Pack100
Pizza EquipmentPIZGA-3090AF"Pizza Metro" (No Handle) Perforated Board 30 cm x 90 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZCH-PL/LAluminium Shovel Handle 150 cm (22 cm x 20 cm)1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGAC-APMAluminium Wall Rack For 2 Peels1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGACH-AL1Andiron In Untreated Steel Z Shape1
Pizza EquipmentPIZAC-ALAndiron Log Holder Tripod Style1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGVBS50/8Chopping Board In Beech Wood (Round) 45 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZZAC-TPDough Cutter Blue Plastic Non Scratch1
Pizza EquipmentPIZACH-SBEmber Adjuster Galvanised Iron (25 cm x 7.5 cm)1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGAC-TPF11Flexible Dough Cutter In Stainless Steel 8 cm x 11.5 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZAC-SPGTHand Brush For Bbq Grill Steel Bristles1
Pizza EquipmentPIZCASS4030Lid For Dough Tray 40 cm x 30 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZCAS6040Lid For Large Dough Trays 60 cm x 40 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGAC-PPFMarble Base Pizza Peel Rack1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGAN-32RFNapoletana Pizza Peel Perforated Head (33 cm x 33 cm) 150 cm Handle1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGOL-15Old Fashioned Style Large Oil Can1.4 l
Pizza EquipmentPIZGOL-05Old Fashioned Style Small Oil Can0.45 l
Pizza EquipmentPIZGAC-ROP6Pizza Cutter - Ergonomic Handle (Linea Pro)1
Pizza EquipmentPIZ-SET3P/90Pizza Kit "Uso Domestico" Tri Pizza Amica1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGA-2340/120Pizza Peel "Alla Romana" (23 cm x 40 cm Head) 120 cm Handle1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGA-30RF/150Pizza Peel Perforated (30 cm x 30 cm) 150 cm Handle1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGA-30RF/60Pizza Peel Perforated (30 cm x 30 cm) 60 cm Handle1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGA-32RF/120Pizza Peel Perforated (33 cm x 33 cm) 120 cm Handle1
Pizza EquipmentPIZZA-37RFPizza Peel Perforated (36 cm x 36 cm) 150 cm Handle1
Pizza EquipmentPIZZA-45RF/120Pizza Peel Perforated (45 cm x 45 cm) 120 cm Handle1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGA-32RF/120Pizza Peel Perforated Head (33 cm x 33 cm) 150 cm Handle1
Pizza EquipmentPIZ-SET2Pizza Peel Set (Brush / Turner / Peel)1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGI-20F/75Pizza Turner (20 cm Perforated Head) 75 cm Handle1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGI-23F/120Pizza Turner (23 cm Perforated Head) 120 cm Handle1
Pizza EquipmentPIZZG1-23FPizza Turner (23 cm Perforated Head) 75 cm Handle1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGI-20FPizza Turner Solid Head 20 cm Handle 150 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZPO1530Plastic Black Plug For Handles1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGR-SPReplacement Brush Head (For Ac-Sp) With Brush Bristle1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGAC-SP/120Rotating Head Oven Brush 20 cm x 6.50 cm Handle 120 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGAC-SPRotating Head Oven Brush 20 cm x 6.50 cm Handle 150 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZZAC-SP/180Rotating Head Oven Brush 20 cm x 6.50 cm Handle 180 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZTLN1625Round Metal Pizza Pan 16 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZTLN2825Round Pizza Pan 28 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZTLN3225Round Pizza Pan 32 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGA-32R/120Round Pizza Peel (33 cm x 33 cm Solid Head) 120 cm Handle1
Pizza EquipmentPIZZ-DF26Round Pizza Screen / Mesh Aluminium 26 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZZ-DF40Round Pizza Screen / Mesh Aluminium 40 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZZAC-FRScissors For Pizza Cutting Stainless Stell1
Pizza EquipmentPIZZ-DF4060Square Pizza Screen Mesh Aluminium 40 cm x 60 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGVBS6040Square Wood Chopping Board1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGAC-MS90GRStainless Steel Ladle170 g
Pizza EquipmentPIZGOLIXStainless Steel Oil Can1.1 l
Pizza EquipmentPIZGAC-CU1Stainless Steel Spoon53 g
Pizza EquipmentPIZZ-AC-STTriangular Blue Spatula Plastic Non Scraper 9.5 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZZAC-STF12Triangular Blue Spautla 12 cm Anti-Impact1
Pizza EquipmentPIZZAC-ST4MTriangular Scraper Stainless Steel Dough Cutter 10 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZPC4060Trolley For Dough Trays 60 cm x 40 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZGACH-PP3Wall Rack In Aluminium For 3 Peels1
Pizza EquipmentPIZCASS-403012White Plastic Dough Tray 40 cm x 30 cm x 12 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZCASS-07CMWhite Plastic Dough Tray 60 cm x 40 cm x 07 cm1
Pizza EquipmentPIZCASS-10CMWhite Plastic Dough Tray 60 cm x 40 cm x 10 cm1
PolentaPO1CPolenta Instant10 x 500 g
PolentaPO1SPolenta Instant500 g
PopcornPOP01Popcorn Grain1 kg
PPEPPE07Box 25 Face Masks1
PPEPPE05Box 50 Face Masks1
PPEPPE01Face Mask (Reusable) With 5 Filters1
PPEZX19Finish Rinse Aid5 l
PPEZX18TP/Free Vinyl Glove100
PPEZX18Vinyl Gloves Large100
PPEZX18SVinyl Gloves Medium100
Pulses - DriedPU09SBlack Eye Beans1 kg
Pulses - DriedPU10Black Turtle Beans1 kg
Pulses - DriedPU03Borlotti Beans1 kg
Pulses - DriedPU07ABrown Lentils1 kg
Pulses - DriedPU05AButter Beans1 kg
Pulses - DriedPU02Cannelini Beans1 kg
Pulses - DriedPU01SChick Peas2 kg
Pulses - DriedPU01CChick Peas - Dried25 kg
Pulses - DriedPU04Flagolet Beans1 kg
Pulses - DriedPU08Green Lentils1 kg
Pulses - DriedPU05Haricot Beans1 kg
Pulses - DriedPU11Pearl Barley1 kg
Pulses - DriedPU04APinto Beans1 kg
Pulses - DriedPU04SPinto Beans25 kg
Pulses - DriedPU06Puy Lentils1 kg
Pulses - DriedPU07Red Lentils1 kg
Pulses - DriedPU09Split Peas - Green1 kg
Pulses - DriedPU09ASplit Peas - Yellow1 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU22CBaked Beans (Heinz)6 x 2.62 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU22SABaked Beans (Heinz)2.62 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU23CBaked Beans (Heinz)24 x 400 g
Pulses - TinnedPU22YBlack Beans400 g
Pulses - TinnedPU21CBorlotti Beans6 x 2.6 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU21SBorlotti Beans2.6 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU14CBorlotti Beans24 x 400 g
Pulses - TinnedPU14SBorlotti Beans400 g
Pulses - TinnedPU14TBorlotti Beans (Frumenta)24 x 400 g
Pulses - TinnedPU16TButter Beans6 x 2.5 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU16UButter Beans2.6 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU16CButter Beans12 x 400 g
Pulses - TinnedPU16SButter Beans400 g
Pulses - TinnedPU20CCannelini Beans6 x 2.5 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU20SCannelini Beans2.6 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU13CCannelini Beans24 x 400 g
Pulses - TinnedPU13SCannelini Beans400 g
Pulses - TinnedPU13TCannelini Beans (Fiammante)24 x 400 g
Pulses - TinnedPU30Chef William Pinto Beans2.5 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU19CChick Peas6 x 2.6 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU19SChick Peas2.6 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU15CChick Peas24 x 400 g
Pulses - TinnedPU15SChick Peas400 g
Pulses - TinnedPU19DChick Peas (Navarrico)2.5 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU22XDunns Black Beans12 x 400 g
Pulses - TinnedVET03Flagolet Beans (D'Aucy)400 g
Pulses - TinnedPU25CGigantes Beans In Tomato & Oil6 x 2 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU25AGigantes Beans In Tomato & Oil2 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU24CHaricot Beans6 x 2.6 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU24SHaricot Beans2.5 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU18CKidney Beans6 x 2.5 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU18SKidney Beans2.5 kg
Pulses - TinnedPU17CKidney Beans24 x 400 g
Pulses - TinnedPU17SKidney Beans400 g
QuinoaCO04CQuinoa Black1 kg
QuinoaCO04AQuinoa Red1 kg
QuinoaCO04BQuinoa White1 kg
QuinoaCO04Ready To Eat Quinoa Red And White600 g
RiceRI01SArborio Rice1 kg
RiceRI45ABlack Rice2 kg
RiceRI41Brown Basmati Rice5 kg
RiceRI01CCapri Arborio Rice12 x 1 kg
RiceRI04CDalari Carnaroli Rice10 x 1 kg
RiceRI04SDalari Carnaroli Rice1 kg
RiceRI07Easy Cook Rice5 kg
RiceRIS10Express Arborio 5 Minute Rice35 x 250 g
RiceRI20Garafalo Rice Pasta (Orzo)500 g
RiceRI11Laila Pudding Rice2 kg
RiceRI08Laila Thai Jasmine Rice10 kg
RiceRI12VLongdan Vietnamese Rice Paper 16 cm500 g
RiceRI05SRice Flour454 g
RiceRI45Sack Black Rice25 kg
RiceRI07SSalaam Basmati Rice5 kg
RiceRI09Sushi Japanese Rice (Sticky Rice)20 kg
RiceRI09ASushi Rice1 kg
RiceRI07TTriple Lion Basmati Rice10 kg
RiceRI06LTriple Rice Mix (Wild, Red + White)1 kg
RiceRI10Yutaka Brown Sushi Rice10 kg
SaltSAL10Celery Salt1 kg
SaltSAL21Himalayan Pink Salt750 g
SaltSAL30Onion Salt1 kg
SaltSAL20Pink Salt / Sel Rose500 g
SaltSAL04Sai Sali Coarse Sea Salt12 x 1 kg
SaltSAL04ASai Sali Coarse Sea Salt1 kg
SaltSAL04BSai Sali Fine Sea Salt1 kg
SaltSAL06ASea Salt25 kg
SaltSAL01Table / Cooking Salt12.5 kg
SaltSAL02Table / Cooking Salt3 kg
SaltSAL40Truffle Salt100 g
Santa Maria - PasteHES01Chipotle750 g
Santa Maria - RubHES05Beef Brisket Rub600 g
Santa Maria - RubHES02Steakhouse BBQ Rub500 g
Santa Maria - RubHES54Steakhouse BBQ Rub Chilli500 g
Santa Maria - SauceHES51Bourbon BBQ1.1 kg
Santa Maria - SauceSC83Chalua Hot Sauce12 x 150 ml
Santa Maria - SauceSC82Chicken Wing (Louisana)1.9 l
Santa Maria - SauceHES53Chipotle890 g
Santa Maria - SauceHES50Piri Piri950 g
Santa Maria - SauceHES20Ranch Style Topping920 g
Santa Maria - SeasoningHES03Fajita Seasoning504 g
Santa Maria - SeasoningHES04Kimchee Spice Mix315 g
Santa Maria - SeasoningHES13Santa Maria Oregano - Dried65 g
SauceSC40Aged Cheddar Cheese Sauce2.27 kg
SauceSC30ABicks Corn Relish2.45 kg
SauceSC27Branston Pickle2.55 kg
SauceSC03Cardini Caesar Dressing1.1 l
SauceSC01XChef's Larder 1000 Island Dressing - Squeezy1 l
SauceSC04AColmans Horseradish Sauce2 l
SauceSC31AColmans Mint Sauce2.25 l
SauceSC02Colmans Tartare Sauce2.27 l
SauceTO13ACountry Style Large Ketchup4.54 kg
SauceSC04Essential Cuisine Peppercorn Concentrate Sauce Base
SauceOR16DF/Goose Sriachia200 ml
SauceOR16CFrank's Red Hot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce3.78 l
SauceSC05AH.P. Brown Sauce4.5 kg
SauceSC06H.P. Brown Sauce (Glass)12 x 255 g
SauceSC05BH.P. Brown Sauce (Squeezy)8 x 285 g
SauceSC36Heinz Salad Cream (Plastic)2.35 kg
SauceTO12AHeinz Tomato Ketchup2.15 kg
SauceTO11Heinz Tomato Ketchup - Glass12 x 342 g
SauceTO10Heinz Tomato Ketchup - Squeezy10 x 342 g
SauceSC28House Of Lords Deluxe BBQ Hickory Sauce3.78 l
SauceSC06ALea & Perrins Worcester Sauce568 ml
SauceSC81Louisiana Sauce4 x 3.75 l
SauceSC80Louisiana Sauce3.75 l
SauceOR16Mae Ploy Sweet Chilli Sauce730 ml
SauceSC06BMenu Bolognese6 x 840 g
SauceSCO6CMenu Sugo Alla Zingara Sauce820 g
SauceSC38Reggae Reggae Mild Caribbean BBQ Sauce6 x 285 g
SauceSC31DRio Blue Cheese Dressing3.78 l
SauceSC31TShaws Apple Sauce2.3 kg
SauceSC29CShaws BBQ Hickory Sauce2.25 kg
SauceSC20Shaws Cranberry Sauce2 l
SauceSC35Shaws Hamburger Relish2.4 kg
SauceSC32Shaws Piccalilli2.4 kg
SauceSC34CShaws Salsa2.2 kg
SauceSC33Shaws Tomato Relish2.4 kg
SauceOR16BSriracha Chilli Sauce730 ml
SauceSC01ATabasco Brand Pepper Sauce57 ml
SauceSC01Tabasco Sauce350 ml
SauceTO12Tomato Ketchup (Heinz) 1.35Kg1.35 kg
Sauce - SachetSC65English Mustard - Sachets250 x 7 g
Sauce - SachetSC63H.P. Brown Sauce - Sachets200 x 10 g
Sauce - SachetSC62Heinz Mustard - Sachets250 x 5 g
Sauce - SachetSC64Heinz Salad Cream - Sachets200 x 10 ml
Sauce - SachetSC60Heinz Tomato Ketchup - Sachets200 x 12 g
Sauce - SachetSC61Heinz Vinegar - Sachets200 x 7 g
Sauce - SachetSC66Hellmans Mayonnaise - Sachets200 x 15 ml
SeasoningSAL5Golden Dragon Salt & Pepper Seasoning200 g
SeasoningHE82Jerk Seasoning Powder1 kg
SeasoningHE68Piri Piri Seasoning600 g
SeasoningHE69Ras Al Hanout650 g
SeasoningOR18Schawrtz Cajun Seasoning550 g
SeasoningME99Schwartz Bacon Bits320 g
SeasoningHE70Sumac Seasoning900 g
SeedsHE34ACaraway Seeds750 g
SeedsHE29Celery Seeds1 kg
SeedsHE99Chia Seeds1 kg
SeedsHE43Coriander Seeds350 g
SeedsHE24Cumin Seeds750 g
SeedsHE53ALinseed - Golden1 kg
SeedsHE52ALinseeds - Brown1 kg
SeedsHE50Poppy Seeds1 kg
SeedsHE51Pumpkin Seeds1 kg
SeedsHE34Sesame Seeds1 kg
SeedsHE30Sesame Seeds - Black1 kg
SeedsHE52Sunflower Seeds1 kg
SkewersOR35Bamboo Skewers 10 in100
SkewersOR33Bamboo Skewers 6 in100
SkewersSK20Curved B/Skewer - 110 mm1000
SkewersOT55Frilly Buffet Skewers250
SkewersSK02Gun Teppo Gushi B/Skewer - 120 mm1000
SkewersSK03Gun Teppo Gushi B/Skewer - 150 mm1000
SkewersSK04Gun Teppo Gushi B/Skewer - 210 mm1000
SkewersSK01Gun Teppo Gushi B/Skewer - 90 mm1000
SkewersSK11Looped B/Skewer - 120 mm1000
SkewersSK12Looped B/Skewer - 150 mm1000
SkewersSK10Looped B/Skewer - 90 mm1000
SnacksNU03ECashews Black Pepper & Sea Salt1 kg
SnacksSA35Cheese Bites Macaroni1 kg
SnacksSN40Chilli Rice Crackers1 kg
SnacksSNA62Corn Nuts Roasted & Salted1 kg
SnacksSNA33Frazzles - Crispy Bacon Snacks43 x 30 g
SnacksSNA52Kettle Chips Lightly Salted18 x 40 g
SnacksSNA01Nachos (Tortilla Chips)12 x 500 g
SnacksSNA02Nachos (Tortilla Chips)500 g
SnacksSNA30Original Taco Shells6 x 135 g
SnacksBI55Taralli With Onion250 g
SnacksBI53Tarallini (Plain Flavour)250 g
SnacksBI54Tarallini Finocchio (With Fennel)250 g
SnacksSNA35Tyrell Vegetable Crisps600 g
SnacksSNA50Walkers Ready Salted Crisps32 x 32.5 g
SnacksNU03Yukaka Wasabi Peas2 kg
Soft DrinksMI867UP24 x 330 ml
Soft DrinksMI907UP24 x 330 ml
Soft DrinksMI89Aloe Vera Original Flavour Drink12 x 500 ml
Soft DrinksMI80Coca Cola24 x 330 ml
Soft DrinksMI80ACoca Cola6 x 1.5 l
Soft DrinksMIL11Crusha Milkshake1 l
Soft DrinksMI71Dandelion & Burdock24 x 330 ml
Soft DrinksMI71BDandelion & Burdock6 x 2 l
Soft DrinksMI81Diet Coca Cola24 x 330 ml
Soft DrinksMI87Dr Pepper6 x 2 l
Soft DrinksMI87CDr Pepper24 x 330 ml
Soft DrinksMI83Fanta24 x 330 ml
Soft DrinksMI83AFanta Orange6 x 2 l
Soft DrinksPago Apple Juice12 x 200 ml
Soft DrinksPago Orange Juice12 x 200 ml
Soft DrinksPago Peach Juice12 x 200 ml
Soft DrinksMI85R Whites Lemonade24 x 330 ml
Soft DrinksMI82Sprite24 x 330 ml
Soft Drinks - San PellagrinoMI73Bitter Orange (Amara)24 x 330 ml
Soft Drinks - San PellagrinoMI72Blood Orange (La Dolce)24 x 330 ml
Soft Drinks - San PellagrinoMI74Chinotto24 x 330 ml
Soft Drinks - San PellagrinoMI70Lemon24 x 330 ml
Soft Drinks - San PellagrinoMI75Orange24 x 330 ml
Soft Drinks - SchweppesMI84Schweppes Lemonade24 x 330 ml
Soft Drinks - SchweppesMI88CSchweppes Lemonade - Bottles12 x 200 ml
Soft Drinks - SchweppesMI88BSchweppes Soda Water - Bottles12 x 200 ml
Soft Drinks - SchweppesMI88ASchweppes Tonic - Bottles12 x 200 ml
SosaSOS01Agar Agar
SosaSOS07Freeze Dried Raspberry75 g
SosaSOS15Freeze Dry Strawberries300 g
SosaSOS02Gelburguer Meat (Special Order)500 g
SosaSOS09Gelcrem Cold500 g
SosaSOS03Isomalt1 kg
SosaSMOKE01Liquid Smoke50 ml
SosaSOS05Maltodextrin600 g
SosaSOS13Mediterranean Acid (Yogurt Powder)
SosaSOS11Powdered Smoke500 g
SosaSOS20Pro Panacotta (Special Order)
SosaSOS12Red Colour (Special Order)50 g
SosaSOS06Soya Lecithin500 g
SosaSOS10Ultratext500 g
SosaSOS08Vegetable (Special Order)500 g
SosaSOS04Xanthan Gum500 g
SpanishFI06Baby Squid Ready To Fry2 kg
SpanishSPA98LChurros - Looped1 kg
SpanishSPA85Cod Croquetts3 kg
SpanishSPA98AComida Latina Churros - Sticks2 kg
SpanishSPA91Crema Catalan8
SpanishFL82Gourmet Wheat Flour For Frying5 kg
SpanishSPA04Hot (Piccante) Paprika75 g
SpanishSPA86Jamon & Bechamel Croquetts4 kg
SpanishSPA81Jamon Iberico Croquetts3 kg
SpanishSPA08CLa Tila Fabada Asturiana20 x 425 g
SpanishSPA08La Tila Fabada Asturiana435 g
SpanishSPA30Membrillo / Quince Paste400 g
SpanishFI02NNassari Boquerones500 g
SpanishINES05Orange Ines Rosales10 x 180 g
SpanishINES06Orange Ines Rosales180 g
SpanishINES01Original With Anise Ines Rosales (6 Tortas)10 x 180 g
SpanishINES02Original With Anise Ines Rosales (6 Tortas)180 g
SpanishSPA11Paella - Colouring1 kg
SpanishSPA11APaella - Seasoning With Saffron1 kg
SpanishSPA07Paella Rice5 kg
SpanishSPA01BPaprika De La Vera - Hot500 g
SpanishSPA02BPaprika De La Vera - Mild500 g
SpanishSPA20Pincho Moruno750 g
SpanishINES10Rosemary And Thyme Ines Rosales (6 Tortas)10 x 180 g
SpanishINES11Rosemary And Thyme Ines Rosales (6 Tortas)180 g
SpanishSPA97Salchichon Iberico Primera1 kg
SpanishFI14VSpanish Tuna (Ventresca)650 g
SpanishSPA75Spinach + Idiazabal Cheese Croquettes3 kg
SpanishSPA03Sweet (Dolce) Paprika75 g
SpanishSPA90Tarta De Almendras700 g
SpanishSPA06CViter Chickpea Stew Cocido24 x 425 g
SpanishSPA06Viter Chickpea Stew Cocido425 g
Spanish CheeseCHS10Mahon Cheese (Pre Order Only)1 kg
Spanish CheeseCHS01Manchego (Don Alvaro)1 kg
Spanish CheeseCHS05Picos Blue (Queso Azul)1 kg
Spanish Meat - Black PuddingMS06Fresh Morcilla1 kg
Spanish Meat - ChorizoMS02CCasehot Chorizo Ros2 x 2.5 kg
Spanish Meat - ChorizoMS05Chistorra1 kg
Spanish Meat - ChorizoMS03Chorizo Asturian3 kg
Spanish Meat - ChorizoSPA96Chorizo Iberico Primera1 kg
Spanish Meat - ChorizoMS25Chorizo Vela Extra (Caula)1 kg
Spanish Meat - ChorizoMS16ACubed Chorizo 10 mm1 kg
Spanish Meat - ChorizoMS04BFresh Chorizo Mild De Leon1 kg
Spanish Meat - ChorizoMS02Hot Chorizo Ros (Carmi)2.5 kg
Spanish Meat - ChorizoMS04Hot Fresh Chorizo De Leon1 kg
Spanish Meat - ChorizoMS01CMild Chorizo Ros2 x 2.5 kg
Spanish Meat - ChorizoMS01Mild Chorizo Ros (Carmi)2.5 kg
Spanish Meat - ChorizoMS24SSliced Chorizo Vela Mild (Calet)500 g
Spanish Meat - ChorizoMS30Sobrasada1 kg
Spanish Meat - ChorizoMS04CSpicy Chorizo1 kg
Spanish Meat - HamMS17Jamon Gran Reserva Boneless Duroc (+18 Months)1 kg
Spanish Meat - HamMS18Jamon Serano Bodega Boneless (+12 Months)1 kg
Spanish Meat - HamMS16Serrano Ham - Sliced500 g
Spanish Meat - PorkMS12Lomo - Sliced500 g
Spanish Meat - PorkMS11Lomo Embuchado (Gloria)1 kg
SpicesHE66All Spice - Ground650 g
SpicesBULK33All Spice - Ground20 kg
SpicesHE66AAll Spice - Whole500 g
SpicesHEM03Arbol - Whole1 kg
SpicesHE60Arrowroot1 kg
SpicesHE11Black Onions Seeds (Dry)900 g
SpicesHE23Cassia Sticks 8 cm500 g
SpicesHE49Cayenne Pepper1 kg
SpicesBULK45Cayenne Pepper25 kg
SpicesHE27Chilli Powder700 g
SpicesHE65Chinese Five-Spice600 g
SpicesHE40Cinnamon - Ground1 kg
SpicesBULK29Cinnamon - Ground25 kg
SpicesHE59Cloves - Ground1 kg
SpicesHE58Cloves - Whole1 kg
SpicesHE25Cumin - Ground600 g
SpicesBULK27Cumin - Ground20 kg
SpicesHE48Garam Masala700 g
SpicesHE42Ginger - Ground1 kg
SpicesBULK 31Ginger - Ground25 kg
SpicesHE45Juniper Berries600 g
SpicesHE22DMace - Ground1 kg
SpicesHE22FMace - Whole1 kg
SpicesHE67Mixed Spice1 kg
SpicesBULK41Nutmeg - Ground25 kg
SpicesHE22Nutmeg - Ground (Special Order)1 kg
SpicesHE22ANutmeg - Whole (Special Order)1 kg
SpicesHE72Onion Powder650 g
SpicesBULK03Onion Powder25 kg
SpicesHE16Paprika1 kg
SpicesBULK39Paprika25 kg
SpicesHE16SPaprika - Smoked1 kg
SpicesHE16BPaprika - Smoked25 kg
SpicesHE29ASaffron1 kg
SpicesHE29BSaffron - Powder10 g
SpicesHE41Star Aniseed / Anise350 g
SpicesHE95Star Aniseed / Anise - Ground650 g
SpicesBULK35Star Aniseed / Anise - Ground25 kg
SpicesHE97Szechuan - Ground1 kg
SpicesHE71Thai 7 Spice1 kg
SpicesHE28Turmeric700 g
SpicesBULK37Turmeric25 kg
SpicesHE98Zaatar1 kg
SpiritsSP1Amaretto (Veroni) 15% A.V.50 cl
SpiritsSP9ZBaileys 17% A.V.70 cl
SpiritsSP15Blandy's Madeira 19% A.V.75 ml
SpiritsSP9Brandy - Cooking 20% ABV3 l
SpiritsSP9CBrandy - French 40% A.V.70 cl
SpiritsSP16Cinzano75 cl
SpiritsSP9QCointreau Liquer70 cl
SpiritsSP12Creme De Cassis (De Kuyper)50 cl
SpiritsSP9HDark Rum (Cane Trader) 37.5% A.V.70 cl
SpiritsSP7Galliano 70% A.V.50 cl
SpiritsSP9IGordons Gin70 cl
SpiritsSP9YGran Marnier70 cl
SpiritsSP3Grappa Piemonte 40%70 cl
SpiritsSP9KGrenadine Cocktail Syrup (De Kuyper)70 cl
SpiritsSP1AJack Daniels70 cl
SpiritsSP1AAJim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon70 cl
SpiritsSP9JKahlúa Coffee Liqueur70 cl
SpiritsSP7AKirsch Liqueur De Kuyper 40%50 cl
SpiritsSP6Limoncello Della Riviera500 ml
SpiritsSP8MMalibu Coconut Rum70 cl
SpiritsSP8DMarsala Cremovo Fine (Sperone) 14.9% A.V.75 cl
SpiritsSP9F02Medium Sherry (Old Westminster)70 cl
SpiritsSP9LPernod 40% A.V.70 cl
SpiritsSP9EPort - Cooking3 l
SpiritsSP2Sambuca Extra (Molinari) 40% A.V.70 cl
SpiritsSP5Strega Liquore (Alberti) 40% A.V.70 cl
SpiritsSP9TTia Maria 20% A.V.70 cl
SpiritsSP9MVermouth (Barona) Extra Dry 14.5% A.V.1.5 l
SpiritsSP9VVodka (Chekov) 37.5% A.V.70 cl
SpiritsSP9DWhisky 40% A.V.70 cl
StarchSTA01Potato Starch3 kg
StockBO47AEssential Cuisine Asian Aromatic Stock1 kg
StockBO47AAEssential Cuisine Asian Master Stock Base1 kg
StockBO47Essential Cuisine Asian Miso Broth Base1 kg
StockBO40Essential Cuisine Beef Stock40 l / 800 g
StockBO45AEssential Cuisine Cheese Stock Base Mix600 g
StockBO41Essential Cuisine Chicken Stock40 l / 800 g
StockBO43Essential Cuisine Fish Stock40 l / 800 g
StockBO42Essential Cuisine Lamb Stock40 l / 800 g
StockBO45Essential Cuisine Mushroom Stock40 l / 700 g
StockBOBO55Essential Cuisine Reduction Chicken Stock1 kg
StockBO46Essential Cuisine Veal Stock Powder40 l / 700 g
StockBO44Essential Cuisine Vegetable Stock40 l / 800 g
StockBO47BTurkey Stock Mix800 g
Stocks / Gravy MixBO20Bisto Gravy Granules2 x 550 g
Stocks / Gravy MixBO21Bisto Gravy Granules - Vegetarian Gluten Free1.9 kg
Stocks / Gravy MixBOV00Bovril Beef Flavoured Drink450 g
Stocks / Gravy MixBO13Maggi Liquid Seasoning1 kg
Stocks / Gravy MixBO11Maggi Original Gravy Mix1.8 kg
Stocks / Gravy MixSTOCK06Reduced Beef Stock2.5 kg
Stocks / Gravy MixSTOCK05Reduced Beef Stock - 50%5 x 2.5 kg
Stocks / Gravy MixSTOCK11Reduced Golden Chicken Stock2.5 kg
Stocks / Gravy MixSTOCK10Reduced Golden Chicken Stock - 50%5 x 2.5 kg
Stocks / Gravy MixSTOCK16Reduced Lamb Stock2.5 kg
Stocks / Gravy MixSTOCK15Reduced Lamb Stock - 50%5 x 2.5 kg
Stocks / Gravy MixBO12Schwartz Gravy Browning - Bottle950 g
Stocks / Gravy MixBO08Vegetable Stock Cubes600 g
SugarSU42Billingtons Dark Muscavado Sugar500 g
SugarSU48Billingtons Demerera Sugar Cubes500 g
SugarSU44Billingtons Golden Caster Sugar500 g
SugarSU40Billingtons Light Muscavado Sugar500 g
SugarSU46Billingtons Molasses Sugar500 g
SugarSU07BBrown Sugar - Sachets1000
SugarSU07TBrown Sugar - Sticks1000
SugarSU07XCanderel Yellow Zero Calorie Sweetener - Sachets300
SugarSU01Caster Sugar25 kg
SugarSU05Dark Muscavado Sugar3 kg
SugarSU04ADemerera Sugar3 kg
SugarSU04BDemerera Sugar25 kg
SugarSU02CGranulated Sugar15 x 1 kg
SugarSU02SGranulated Sugar1 kg
SugarSU03Icing Sugar3 kg
SugarSU09CIndividually Wrapped Perrice Brown / White Cubes4 x 2.5 kg
SugarSU15Palm Sugar454 g
SugarSU09BPerruche Brown Sugar Cubes1 kg
SugarSU09APerruche White Sugar Cubes1 kg
SugarSU02Silver Spoon Caster Sugar2 kg
SugarSU16Silver Spoon Jam Sugar1 kg
SugarSU03BSilver Spoon Light Soft Brown Sugar3 kg
SugarSU03ASilver Spoon Soft Dark Brown Sugar3 kg
SugarSU50Silver Spoon White Sugar Cubes750 g
SugarSU03ABSoft Dark Brown Sugar25 kg
SugarSU07CWhite Sugar - Sachets1000
SugarSU07SWhite Sugar - Sticks1000
SundriesOT012 Ply White Napkins 33 cm2000
SundriesOT06AChafing Fuel12
SundriesOT81Chafing Fuel (Special Order Only)1
SundriesOT04Cling Film 450 mm x 300 m1
SundriesOT53Cocktail Sticks2000
SundriesOT06FFire Lighters (Zip) 24 cm x 15 cm Cubes24 x 15
SundriesOT06Gas Cylinders 350G (Parasene) 630Ml350 g / 630 ml
SundriesOT07Parchment / Baking Paper Roll (Bakewell) 30 cm x 75 m1
SundriesOT06TPiping Bags (Blue)100
SundriesPROBE01Probe Wipes (200 Sheets)1
SundriesOT27Pudding Basins (450 g)50
SundriesOT26Squeeze Sauce Bottle 12 oz1
SundriesOT25Squeeze Sauce Bottle 24 oz1
SundriesOT02T-Lights 8H (50S)1
SundriesOT05Tin Foil 450 mm x 75 m1
SundriesOT54Toothpicks - Individually Wrapped Cocktail Sticks1000
SweetsSW20Cadbury's Flake144
SweetsSW20BCadbury's. Milk Chocolate Buttons28 x 30 g
SweetsCAN02Candy Floss12 x 20 g
SweetsSW02Haribo Marshmallows1
SweetsSW04AHickory's Oreo16 x 154 g
SweetsSW07Kinder Bueno30 x 43 g
SweetsSW06M&M'S® Crispy Pouch12 x 141 g
SweetsSW01Maltesers40 x 37 g
SweetsSW08Mars® Bars48 x 51 g
SweetsSW02BMarshmallows - Large1 kg
SweetsSW02AMarshmallows - Mini1 kg
SweetsSW04Oreo Snack Pack20 x 66 g
SweetsCAN01Popping Candy500 g
SweetsSW11Smarties®12 x 87 g
SweetsSW05Snickers48 x 48 g
SweetsSW41Tunnocks Milk Chocolate Tea Cakes36 x 24 g
SweetsSW09Twix® Bars32 x 50 g
Swiss CheeseCHF21Gruyere Cheese1 kg
Syrup / TreacleSU30Bako Black Treacle7.25 kg
Syrup / TreacleSU11ABako Golden Syrup7.25 kg
Syrup / TreacleFR02SBasra Date Syrup450 g
Syrup / TreacleSU11DGlucose Syrup1 kg
Syrup / TreacleSU30SLyles Black Treacle454 g
Syrup / TreacleMAL01Malt Extract Syrup370 g
Syrup / TreacleSU10Maple Syrup 100%946 g
Syrup / TreacleSU11CCOrganic Agave Syrup1.35 kg
Syrup / TreacleSU11CCCSilver Spoon Organic Agave250 ml
Syrup / TreacleSU11BBSilver Spoon Squeezy Golden Syrup680 g
TakeawayOT13Foil Containers #6A + Lids500
TakeawayOT13BFoil Pudding Basin Sleeve77
Tart CasesSN1Brandy Snap Baskets15 x 6
Tart CasesSU20Busch Meringue Nests100 x 75 g
Tart CasesPS26Champador - Savoury 11 cm96
Tart CasesPS27AChampador - Savoury 8.3 cm x 144 cm
Tart CasesPS25Champador - Sweet 11 cm96
Tart CasesPS45Quiche Feuilletees Neutral 11 cm (Special Order)42
Tart CasesPS20Ragout Cocktail Cups10 x 64
Tart CasesPS20SRagout Cups1 x 64
Tart CasesPS27Sablees - Sweet 8.5 cm x 144 cm
Tart CasesPS28Salees - Savoury 3.5 cm (Special Order)60 x 245
Tart CasesPS29Sweet 28 cm (Special Order)12
Tart CasesPS25BSweet Straight Edge 11 cm
TeaTEA06Twinnings Camomile20
TeaTEA02Twinnings Earl Grey100
TeaTEA08Twinnings Green Tea20
TeaTEA07Twinnings Peppermint20
TeaTEA01Twinnings Traditional English Breakfast100
TeaCOF11Typhoo Tea Bags1100
TeaTEA10Yorkshire Tea Bags480
TofuOR70TTempeh (Frozen)375 g
TofuOR70Tofu600 g
TomatoesTO20Aseptic Crushed Tomatoes20 kg
TomatoesTO20Aseptic Diced Tomatoes20 kg
TomatoesTO05CCherry Tomatoes24 x 400 g
TomatoesTO30El Mexicano Tomatillo Green Whole2.8 kg
TomatoesTO06Fiamante Peeled Tomatoes24 x 400 g
TomatoesTO06AFiamante Plum Tomatoes400 g
TomatoesTO05EFiammante Chopped Tomatoes
TomatoesTO05DFiammante Chopped Tomatoes24 x 400 g
TomatoesTO06CFiammante Passata (No Basil)680 g
TomatoesTO06DFiammante Passata (With Basil)680 g
TomatoesTO09AFiammante Pelati San Marzano D.O.P.12 x 400 g
TomatoesTO03YGreci Pizza Sauce '887'3 x 4.1 kg
TomatoesTS2Marinated Sundried Tomatoes In Oil830 g
TomatoesTO41Menu Mini Semi Dried Tomatoes800 g
TomatoesTO35Menu Pomodorina Sauce2.55 kg
TomatoesTO03XPaola Polpa Di Pomodoro6 x 4 kg
TomatoesTO07CPassata12 x 1 kg
TomatoesTO07SPassata1 kg
TomatoesTO08CPassata12 x 700 g
TomatoesTO52Pulcinella Chopped Tomatoes6 x 2.55 kg
TomatoesTO53Pulcinella Chopped Tomatoes2.55 kg
TomatoesTO50Pulcinella Plum Tomatoes6 x 2.55 kg
TomatoesTO51Pulcinella Plum Tomatoes2.55 kg
TomatoesTO09BSan Marzano400 g
TomatoesTO09San Marzano Rega D.O.P. Tomatoes6 x 2.5 kg
TomatoesTS06Semi Dried Sunblush Tomatoes750 g
TomatoesTS1Sundried Tomatoes1 kg
TomatoesTS1CSundried Tomatoes10 kg
TomatoesTO54Tomate Frito (Spanish Cooked Tomato Sauce)6 x 2.5 kg
TomatoesTO54ATomate Frito (Spanish Cooked Tomato Sauce)2.5 kg
TomatoesTO04CTomato Puree12 x 800 g
TomatoesTO04STomato Puree800 g
TomatoesTO02CTomatoes - Chopped6 x 2.6 kg
TomatoesTO02STomatoes - Chopped2.6 kg
TomatoesTO01CTomatoes - Peeled Plum6 x 2.55 kg
TomatoesTO01STomatoes - Peeled Plum2.55 kg
Vacuum BagsVAC01160 mm x 200 mm1000
Vacuum BagsVAC02160 mm x 200 mm200
Vacuum BagsVAC04200 mm x 300 mm1000
Vacuum BagsVAC05200 mm x 300 mm100
Vacuum BagsVAC08250 mm x 300 mm1000
Vacuum BagsVAC09250 mm x 300 mm200
Vacuum BagsVAC10250 mm x 350 mm1000
Vacuum BagsVAC11250 mm x 350 mm200
Vacuum BagsVAC13300 mm x 400 mm100
Vacuum BagsVAC12300 mm x 400 mm1000
Vacuum BagsVAC14350 mm x 400 mm1000
Vacuum BagsVAC15350 mm x 400 mm200
VanillaHE32ANoels Vanilla Essence500 ml
VanillaVAN01Vanilla Bean Paste65 g
VanillaVAN02Vanilla Extract100 ml
VanillaHE33AVanilla Pods10
VanillaHE33Vanilla Pods100 g
VeganCHE98200G Block Violife Vegan Cheese200 g
VeganVEGAN60Aquafaba (Chickpeas In Water)3 kg
VeganBURG01Beyond Meat Free Burgers42 x 113 g
VeganBURG01SBeyond Meat Free Burgers2 x 113 g
VeganBURG02Beyond Meat Free Sausages50 x 100 g
VeganBURG05SBeyond Meat Free Sausages2 x 100 g
VeganME31Black Pudding220 g
VeganVEGAN55Brioche Style Burger Bun60
VeganVEGAN50Chia And Pumpkin Seed Bread Loaves15 x 380 g
VeganVEGAN05Dirty Vegan Bratwurst8
VeganVEGAN11Dirty Vegan Chickk 'n Breast5
VeganVEGAN10Dirty Vegan Chickk 'n Wings23
VeganCHE54UHallumi Style Cheese8 x 200 g
VeganSC06VHenderson's Relish (Worcester Sauce)500 ml
VeganVEGAN02Linda Mcartney's Sausages12 x 270 g
VeganVEGAN02SLinda Mcartney's Sausages270 g
VeganCHE67Oriq Violife Soft Cheese200 g
VeganFPV46ASage & Pumpkin Tortolloni3 kg
VeganVEGAN01Sausages80 x 62 g
VeganVEGAN52Spelt And Beetroot Bread Loaves14 x 400 g
VeganVEGAN51Spelt Bread With Sprouted Rye12 x 450 g
VeganVEGAN70Spicy Chickpea And Kale Pithivier30 x 185 g
VeganFP12ATagliolini Fresh Pasta Sciatielli (Frozen)3 kg
VeganFPV46ATrotelloni Pumpkin & Sage3 x 1 kg
VeganICE30Vanilla Ice-Cream2.5 l
VeganCHE99SViolife Mozzarella Style Grated Cheese1 kg
VeganCHE99Violife Original Sliced200 g
Vegetables - FrozenVE28Baby Onions907 g
Vegetables - FrozenVE99ABreaded Jalapino1 kg
Vegetables - FrozenVE23Broadbeans10 x 1 kg
Vegetables - FrozenVE23ABroadbeans1 kg
Vegetables - FrozenVE22DEdamame Beans In Pod500 g
Vegetables - FrozenVE22FEdamame Beans In Pod10 x 500 g
Vegetables - FrozenVE24Fine Whole Green Beans12 x 907 g
Vegetables - FrozenVE35Garden Peas907 g
Vegetables - FrozenVE25BMixed Vegetables12 x 907 g
Vegetables - FrozenVE21Petit Poi12 x 907 g
Vegetables - FrozenVE21APetit Poi900 g
Vegetables - FrozenVE22Shelled Edamame Beans500 g
Vegetables - FrozenVE27CSpinach Leaf4 x 2.5 kg
Vegetables - FrozenVE27SSpinach Leaf2.5 kg
Vegetables - FrozenVE25Sweetcorn12 x 907 g
Vegetables - FrozenVE25ASweetcorn907 g
Vegetables - JarsVE12Bodurm Mixed Pickled Vegetables & Cauliflower1600 g
Vegetables - JarsVEA30Bomba Regina Spicy Vegetable Spread960 g
Vegetables - JarsVE11Gherkins - Pickled2650 ml
Vegetables - JarsVE11HGherkins - Sliced4 x 2.45 kg
Vegetables - JarsVE11IGherkins - Sliced2.45 kg
Vegetables - JarsVE60Grilled Aubergine1.7 kg
Vegetables - JarsVE61Grilled Courgette1.7 kg
Vegetables - JarsVE06XPickled Onions2.25 kg
Vegetables - JarsVE31Red Cabbage2.25 kg
Vegetables - JarsVE02TSauerkraut (Krakus)900 g
Vegetables - JarsVE28SScarola (Endive) In Oil (Carbone)1062 ml
Vegetables - JarsVE06TSilverskin Onions2.25 kg
Vegetables - JarsVE30Sliced Beetroot2.25 kg
Vegetables - JarsTS10Sun Blush Red Peppers280 g
Vegetables - PackagedVE65Chargrilled Rough Cut Red & Yellow Peppers1 kg
Vegetables - PackagedVE21CMarrowfat Peas12.5 kg
Vegetables - PackagedVE21BMarrowfat Peas - Dried2 kg
Vegetables - PackagedVE32Smash Original2 kg
Vegetables - PackagedVE40Wing's Fried Shallots1 kg
Vegetables - TinnedVE01CArtichokes In Brine6 x 2.6 kg
Vegetables - TinnedVE01SArtichokes In Brine2.6 kg
Vegetables - TinnedVE08ZBaktat Vine Leaves - Plain940 g
Vegetables - TinnedVE08TBaron Vine Leaves - Stuffed2 kg
Vegetables - TinnedVE08XBaron Vine Leaves - Stuffed6 x 2 kg
Vegetables - TinnedVE28ABatchelors Mushy Peas3 kg
Vegetables - TinnedVE28CBatchelors Mushy Peas6 x 3 kg
Vegetables - TinnedVE99Breaded Jalapeno Stuffed With Cream Cheese6 x 1 kg
Vegetables - TinnedVE08CC&C Vine Leaves - Stuffed6 x 400 g
Vegetables - TinnedVE08SC&C Vine Leaves - Stuffed400 g
Vegetables - TinnedVE07Cipole Boretane Aceto Balsan (Onions In Balsamic)2.5 kg
Vegetables - TinnedVET08Corn On The Cob (Huercasa)450 g
Vegetables - TinnedVE02UDel Sol Sliced Red Jalapenos2.8 kg
Vegetables - TinnedVE04FFive Bean Salad6 x 800 g
Vegetables - TinnedVE04GFive Bean Salad800 g
Vegetables - TinnedVE28FFriarielli (Broccoli Leaf) In Oil750 g
Vegetables - TinnedVET07Green Giant Sweetcorn12 x 340 g
Vegetables - TinnedVE00Grilled Artichoke Hearts2.3 kg
Vegetables - TinnedVE29AMushy Peas12 x 300 g
Vegetables - TinnedVE04BPepperdew3 kg
Vegetables - TinnedVE06APeppers (Piquillos Pimientos)500 g
Vegetables - TinnedVE02YRed Drop Sweet Peppers2.93 kg
Vegetables - TinnedVE03Roasted Red Peppers4.2 kg
Vegetables - TinnedVET05Sweetcorn12 x 326 g
Vegetables - TinnedVET06Sweetcorn340 g
Vegetables - TinnedVE05Sweetcorn2.12 kg
Vegetables - TubsVE20Caper Berries (Delicias)1.7 kg
Vegetables - TubsVE18DCapers Capotes In Vinegar1 kg
Vegetables - TubsVE18ACapers In Salt - Caperi Putina Al Sale (Attina)1 kg
Vegetables - TubsVE18Capers Pinhead (Surfines)1.65 kg
Vegetables - TubsCARL04Cherry Peppers Stuffed With Feta2 kg
Vegetables - TubsVE11BLeftktro Cornichons1.6 kg
Vegetables - TubsVE17Lilliput Capers1.7 kg
Vegetables - TubsCARL03Stuffed Red Peppers (Bell) With Cheese2 kg
VegetarianCO07Falafel (Frozen)1.25 kg
VegetarianQUORN02Quorn - Minced1 kg
VegetarianQUORN01Quorn - Pieces1 kg
VegetarianSA000Quorn - Veggie Sausages40 x 50 g
VegetarianBO21Vegetarian Gluten Free Bisto Granules1.9 kg
VinegarVI25"PX" Sweet Sherry Vinegar375 ml
VinegarVI15AAged Balsamic (Fattoria Estense) Orogold25 cl
VinegarVI10CBalsamic Vinegar5 l
VinegarVI09SBalsamic Vinegar500 ml
VinegarVI15FBalsamic Vinegar - Bronze250 ml
VinegarVI06DCider Vinegar5 l
VinegarVI08BDistilled Vinegar5 l
VinegarVI31Forvm Cabinet Sauvignon Vinegar500 ml
VinegarVI30Forvm Chardonnay Vinegar500 ml
VinegarVI32Forvm Merlot Vinegar500 ml
VinegarVI13Framboise (Raspberry) Vinegar50 cl
VinegarVI085Malt Vinegar5 l
VinegarVI20Puro Vinegar Glaze500 ml
VinegarVI04Red Wine Vinegar5 l
VinegarVI03CRed Wine Vinegar (Ponti)12 x 1 l
VinegarVI03SRed Wine Vinegar (Ponti)1 l
VinegarVI22Sarsons Malt Vinegar12 x 250 ml
VinegarVI085SSarsons Malt Vinegar5 l
VinegarVI06Vinegar Sherry (Cappirette)750 ml
VinegarVI02White Wine Vinegar5 l
VinegarVI01SWhite Wine Vinegar (Ponti)1 l
WaterMI03Ice Valley Sparkling Water8 x 2 l
WaterMI04Ice Valley Still Spring Water24 x 500 ml
WaterMI09Panna Still Mineral Water - Glass24 x 500 ml
WaterMI5Panna Still Mineral Water - Glass12 x 75 cl
WaterMI11Panna Still Mineral Water - Plastic24 x 500 ml
WaterMI08San Pellagrino Sparkling Mineral Water - Glass24 x 500 ml
WaterMI4San Pellagrino Sparkling Mineral Water - Glass12 x 75 cl
WaterMI10San Pellagrino Sparkling Mineral Water - Plastic24 x 500 ml
WineSP10Bolla Prosecco Spumante75 cl
WineWN80Paradiis Cabernet Sauvignon (Red)75 cl
WineWN86Paradiis Friulano (White)75 cl
WineWN81Paradiis Merlot (Red)75 cl
WineWN90Paradiis Paradiso Rosa (Rosé)75 cl
WineWN85Paradiis Pinot Bianco (White)75 cl
WineWN10ARed Cooking Wine5 l
WineWN10White Cooking Wine5 l
YeastFL15Dry Yeast Fermipan500 g
YeastFL15CEngevita Yeast
YeastFL14Fresh Yeast1 kg
YeastFL15ALievito Natural Yeast5 kg
YoghurtCHE59DAlpro Dairy Free Plain Yoghurt500 g
YoghurtCHE58Greek Yoghurt5 kg
YoghurtCHE59Greek Yoghurt - Hotos1 kg
YoghurtCHE61Natural Yoghurt2.2 l


Please see our brief list of all fruit we currently hold in stock, dependent on season. If you require an additional product we will endeavour to source this for you from many of our suppliers locally and across the globe.

We have quite a few items in this section, so to make it easier to find products you can filter or search the table. Only rows with the search word in them are shown. You can also change the number of products to display, and sort the table columns.
1035Apricot5 kg
1037Bananas (Fyfes)18.14 kg
4163Blackberries125 g
1041Blackcurrant125 g
1042Blueberry125 g
1130Braeburn Apple12 kg
1002Bramley Cooking Apple13 kg
23009Cantaloupe Melon1
5086Cherry10 x 200 g
28011Conference Pear12 kg
1131Cox Apple13 kg
28051Damson5 kg
7002Dragon Fruit9
28044Flat Donut Peach5 kg
23061Galia Melon (medium)1
31001Garden Rhubarb6 kg
1010Golden Delicious Apple12 kg
1055Gooseberry10 x 300 g
1074Granny Smith Apple13 kg
1005Hass Avocado (ready to eat)18
23063Honeydew Melon (medium)1
1069Kiwi Fruit36
22022Limes42 / 48
1060Loose Black Grapes4.5 kg
1063Loose Green Grapes4.5 kg
1088Nectarine Yellow Flesh26
1095Oranges40 / 50
1099Passion Fruit1
1100Peach Yellow Flesh22
28289Peckham Pear90
1091Pineapple (medium)1
1024Pink Lady Apples12 kg
28012Plum5 kg
1108Raspberry125 g
1032Red Delicious Apple12 kg
1109Redcurrant125 g
1036Royal Gala Apple12 kg
1056Ruby Red Grapefruit30 / 40
5264Satsuma Easy Peelers (Gold Cup)70
1065Scrumptious Apple12 kg
33251Strawberries400 g
28050Victoria Plum5 kg
1101White Flesh Peach36
15002White Grapefruit35
5070Williams Pear70


Please see our brief list of all salad we currently hold in stock, dependent on season. If you require an additional product we will endeavour to source this for you from many of our suppliers locally and across the globe.

We have quite a few items in this section, so to make it easier to find products you can filter or search the table. Only rows with the search word in them are shown. You can also change the number of products to display, and sort the table columns.
5026Affilla Class (Peashoots)6 x 300 g
35017Baby Plum Tomatoes12 x 250 g
1214Baby Watercress100 g
35003Beef Tomatoes7 kg
22013Blue Salad Bag (Jo's Pride)5 x 500 g
35005Cherry Tomatoes (pre-packed)9 x 250 g
35038Cherry Tomatoes Tri-Mix10 x 200 g
35002Cherry Vine Tomatoes3 kg
5034Chinese Leaf8
22021Cos / Romaine Lettuce (single head)1
22012Flat Lettuce12
13091French Breakfast Radish12 x 250 g
22010Frisee Yellow (Fine)10
28006Green Peppers1
35025Heritage Tomatoes8 x 500 g
22002Iceberg (single head)1
1212Inka Tomatoes3 kg
22005Lambs Lettuce / Corn Salad100 g
22006Little Gem2
22008Lollo Biondi12
22007Lollo Rosso12
31053Loose Bunched Radish10 x 250 g
22060Medium Bag Italian Salad250 g
22014Mix Salad Bag Small140 g
22016Mixed Baby Leaf500 g
28009Mixed Peppers5 kg
28262Mixed Peppers (pre-packed)1
28008Orange Peppers1
35009Plum Tomatoes (loose)6 kg
35008Plum Vine Tomatoes5 kg
28249Pointed Red Peppers (Romano)4 kg
1205Radish20 x 125 g
22057Rainbow Chard10 x 250 g
22019Red Chard500 g
5030Red Chicory4 kg
28005Red Peppers1
22018Rocket500 g
5039Salad Cress16
1211Spring Onions1
35001Tomatoes6 kg
11014Tomatoes (Class II)6 kg
35015Vine Tomatoes5 kg
1213Watercress (organic)100 g
5099White Chicory5 kg
35006Yellow Cherry Tomatoes 9 x 250 g
28007Yellow Peppers5 kg


Please see our brief list of all vegetables we currently hold in stock, dependent on season. If you require an additional product we will endeavour to source this for you from many of our suppliers locally and across the globe.

We have quite a few items in this section, so to make it easier to find products you can filter or search the table. Only rows with the search word in them are shown. You can also change the number of products to display, and sort the table columns.
1121Artichokes Globe24
1022Asparagus250 g
1123Aubergines (Eggplant)5 kg
4052Baby Beetroot200 g
23004Baby Button Mushroom2.27 kg
4135Baby Candy Beetroot200 g
4009Baby Carrot250 g
4008Baby Corn12
4014Baby Courgette250 g
4011Baby Fennel250 g
4136Baby Golden Beetroot200 g
4010Baby Leek250 g
28158Baby Onion4 kg
28004Baby Potatoes (Jazzy)10 kg
1124Baby Purple Artichokes54
4082Baby Rainbow Carrot250 g
4012Baby Turnip250 g
4001Baking Potatoes 40's15 kg
4002Baking Potatoes 50's15 kg
1125Bamboo Shoot Lucky540 g
4025Beansprouts250 g
4020Beetroot (vac-pack)18 x 250 g
5046Birds Eye Chilli125 g
4050Broad Beans Fresh3 kg
4004Broccoli6 kg
33002Brussel Sprouts9 kg
4047Bunched Beetroot12
5081Bunched Carrots10
5079Bunched Rainbow Carrots10
33008Butternut Squash10 kg
4023Candy Beetroot1
5001Carrots (boxed)10 kg
5018Celeriac10 kg
5031Chantaney Carrots5 kg
23044Chestnut Mushroom2.27 kg
5198Chillies du Padron (green)2 kg
5016Courgettes5 kg
23002Cup Mushroom2.27 kg
28038Cypress Potatoes20 kg
28023Dirty Potatoes (white)25 kg
23005Exotic Mixed Mushroom4 x 250 g
13002Fennel5 kg
23003Flat Mushroom1.8 kg
28026French Muscat Pumpkin1
28245Giant Pumpkin1
23001Girolle Mushroom1 kg
4134Golden Beetroot1
5023Green Chillies1
1153Green Kale10 x 250 g
5221Heritage Carrots5 kg
5078Hispi Cabbage15
5022Jalapeno Chillies Green1.5 kg
28053Jersey Royal Potato10
1152Jerusalem Artichoke4 kg
23174King Oyster Mushroom 4 kg
28253Koffmanns New Potatoes10 kg
22004Leeks4.5 kg
28003Local Dirty Potatoes25 kg
33005Long Shallots4 kg
4016Loose Beans Fine1.5 kg
1156Mangetout1.5 kg
23240Mixed Exotic Mushrooms2 x 500 g
33102Mixed Squash10 kg
1168Okra3 kg
1174Orange Halloween Pumpkin1
23008Oyster Mushroom1.5 kg
28328Paragon Pumpkin Box1
28060Parsley Root5 kg
28001Parsnips5 kg
1172Peas In Pod4.5 kg
28033Piccolo Parsnips5 kg
23007Portobello Mushroom1.5 kg
28109Potatoes (washed - whites)25 kg
28039Potatoes (washed)25 kg
28250Potatoes (washed)10 kg
5240Purple Cauliflower1
28041Purple Poatatoes5 kg
4007Purple Sprouting Broccoli3.6 kg
4021Raw Beetroot1
5277Red Cabbage10 kg
5021Red Chillies1
26003Red Onions (80 / 100)10 kg
5004Red Summer Cabbage1
5015Romanesco Cauliflower1
33006Round Shallots4 kg
31014Runner Bean Fresh3 kg
1176Salsify5 kg
1177Samphire (NIN)500 g
5007Savoy (single head)1
23048Shimeji Mushroom1
23006Shitake Mushroom1 kg
26073Small Onion (60 / 80)18 kg
26001Spanish Onions (LC)20 kg
33009Spinach6 x 500 g
33011Spinach (large leaf)6 kg
33010Spinach (unwashed)200 g
5010Spring Cabbage1
4018Sugar-Snap1.5 kg
28283Sugar-Snap (pre-packed)10 x 150 g
33003Swede10 kg
33004Sweet Potato6 kg
33058Sweetcorn (loose)30
1186Sweetcorn (vac-pack)12 x 400 g
4006Tenderstem Broccoli4 x 500 g
4049Tenderstem Broccoli10 x 200 g
35004Turnips5 kg
5005White Cabbage10 kg
5008White Summer Cabbage1
5017Yellow Courgettes5 kg