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About us

We have always been passionate about bringing our customers the very best local produce. Acquiring the very best products from local producers and farmers from around the local area. Whether this is local milk and cream from Bidlea Dairy less than 3 miles away, or gravy and stocks from Essential Cuisine in Winsford.

Our great relationships to all of these producers going back generations, has positioned Oliver Perry Ltd at the very heart of the Cheshire countryside. This unique position enables us to supply products from around the world, local area and straight from the farm at Shanty Farm, Byley, CW10 9NG

Bidlea dairy

The Brown family have been living on their farm, raising their girls, for over 40 years. From just 20 cows originally to an almost 1000-strong herd, the reputation of their Bidlea Girls – Holstein-Friesian cows – has seen them win both National and European awards.

They eat the best, home-grown feed from Cheshire. They roam the luscious green countryside of their farm, outside for the majority of the year. And they enjoy a happy, content life, producing fresh delicious milk that’s high in protein and butter fat.

The best feed. The best welfare. The best milk. Simple really.

Bidlea dairy is home to Bidlea Milk – perfect for brews, breakfast and baking – or as a delicious drink straight from the glass.

The Brown family have been dairy farmers for three generations, and they intend to be dairy farmers for many more years to come. We don’t think you’ll find anyone who loves milk more than they do and they’re passionate about promoting the benefits of fresh farm milk, processed right here in Cheshire.

Shanty farm

The Lowes family have been harvesting the fields at Byley for generations. We work hand in hand with Graham and his sons Sam and Tom, and are so privileged to be able to offer their produce to our customers.

Our purpose-built distribution warehouse meets all the needs of BRC accreditation but is also situated on the farm. You can regularly see them harvesting their crops from our warehouse. Harvesting each day, ready for us to distribute to you the following day. You can’t get any more local or fresher than that!

The Lowes family grows a vast range of root vegetables, brassicas, cabbages and squash. They pride themselves on only growing the finest produce, and will only harvest produce that they are happy to sell in their own shop. We are proud to be the only wholesaler of their produce.

Over recent years, with their own and our demand on a larger variety of produce charging each year, they have adapted their growing to enable us to offer a wider range of produce.

Now growing Purple and Romanesco Cauliflower, Courgette Flowers, January King Cabbage, and Baby Leeks (which have become a particular favourite of Simon Radley at The Chester Grosvenor).

Yearly local product availability

Baby Leeks
Bunched Carrots
Courgette Flowers
January King Cabbage
Purple Cauliflower
Red Cabbage
Romanesco Cauliflower
Spring Cabbage
White Cabbage

Woodlands farm

Woodlands Farm covers approximately 27 acres near Knutsford, Cheshire. The Halman family have been farming in Cheshire for 51 years and are now proudly into their 4th generation.

Oliver Perry Ltd & Roy Halman have worked together for many years to build a very successful relationship, and it is this continuity of trade & affiliation that has allowed Oliver Perry Ltd to offer the finest quality outdoor grown heritage tomatoes, rhubarb, leeks, lollo rosso, lollo biondi, oak leaf, cos & flat lettuce that is on offer around the local area.

The lettuce & rhubarb are picked fresh every morning, and are packed in the field ready for dispatch. We collect them from the farm around noon for delivery to you the following morning. Their products are always first-rate in terms of both quality & consistency.

We pride ourselves on the close relationships that we have with our farmers & growers, many of whom have grown alongside us from day one. This gives us access to the best of their crops at the very best prices.

Hayfields dairy

Hayfields dairy have been handmaking cheese since 1957. Their passion for the taste, look and texture of the cheese at every stage is imperative and they do everything they can to ensure the cheese tastes the best!

Hand-Made, Hand-Cut, Hand-Loved.

The Huntbach family has been have been dairy farmers at Hayfields Farm, South Cheshire, for three generations. The family first settled on the farm in September 1949. The family first started producing cheese in 1957.

Although the last dairy cow left the farm in 2018 and the family sorely miss the sight of black and white cows wandering the fields, it has given them the capacity to focus on selling their good quality, tasty cheese and butter to a wider audience. They only use milk from farmers based locally so that they can establish good relationships with their suppliers and know the farming practice used in making the milk they use.

Nurtured in Norfolk

Allan and Sue started growing Micro Cress back in 2009. As chefs themselves, their transition from one profession to another was brought about by the need for a more consistent and flavourful garnish for their dishes. They began growing Micro Herbs and Pea Shoots in a small greenhouse in their back garden and supplied the restaurant they worked in. Their experience has helped them tremendously in understanding the requirements of chefs.

Having successfully grown Microgreens for the use in the restaurant and receiving positive feedback, they were asked by a local wholesaler to grow in a larger volume. After noticing the demand for plant-based garnishes, Allan and Sue left their roles as chefs. This is when they invested their time and money into the business and ‘Nurtured in Norfolk’ was born.

Allan and Sue chose Micro Herbs that where strong in flavour and still looked appealing on the plate. Including varieties that are most popular because of their robust flavour.

‘Nurtured in Norfolk’ supply a range of Edible Flowers, Micro Cress, Pea Shoots, Edible Leaves, Bunched Herbs, Baby and Sea Vegetables in various colours and flavours. All together there are over 280 different products in the range. You can view the online catalogue here.

Kind words from our customers


Andy Pickstock – Executive Chef at Aston Marina

Oliver Perry Ltd have supplied us here at Aston Marina for some time now, and cannot find fault with the service, quality and staff of this Cheshire based company. Continually ensuring the very best of locally sourced produce and never shy from looking further afield for something that little bit different for our ever evolving menus.

Having direct contact with Emma on a daily basis helps to ensure we are kept up to date on new products and new seasonal varieties coming through. I cannot fault the whole package of Oliver Perry Ltd from point of sale to delivery to the door every morning. Keep it up!

Link: Aston Marina

Ian Winqvist – Head Chef of The Lemon Tree

I have been a loyal customer of Oliver Perry Ltd’s produce for the best part of a decade. I have always found the produce is of top quality and the support from the team has always been top class too. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Link: The Lemon Tree

Flynn Hall – Head Chef at The Kinderton

Oliver Perry Ltd have looked after us for several years now, with unmarred reliability, range of produce, speed and support.

My experience with Oliver Perry Ltd’s friendly team is they are always on hand willing to go the extra mile, and seeing immaculate fresh local produce in the morning is a chefs dream!

Link: The Kinderton

Carl Noller – Chef Patron at The Yard, Chester

Having used Oliver Perry Ltd fresh fruits & vegetables for seven years I’ve always found them to have the utmost quality and widest range of products to suit any restaurant concept.

They have always been very accommodating and willing to meet any of my needs. I’ve always found them helpful In suggesting new products or alternatives and all at very competitive prices! All in all wonderful company and wonderful people!

Link: The Yard

Rod Hulme – Principle Chef at Mayfield House

Hi, I’m Rod Hulme, principle chef at Mayfield House. We have been trading with Oliver Perry Ltd for 5 years now. After many suppliers we have used in the past, Oliver Perry Ltd definitely come out top for me on fresh produce and the fantastic range of local produce.

I would highly recommend this supplier if you want good quality fruit and vegetables. Oliver Perry Ltd is the place to have in your pocket, with a team on hand to help when I need them. Nothing is too much bother for them.